School Cold Laminators

If you or your school owns an eCool 25″ Cold Laminator, your in luck. Our eCool Laminate Refills are always discounted compared to dealer pricing and we ship same day. (Scroll below for product selection and pricing)


The eCool Cold Laminator is the Xyron 2500 except with a sticker covering the name. Xyron is the manufacturer of the cold laminators and some dealers will rename the Xyron 2500 with other names like eCool confusing customers into thinking they are the only dealers. Customers overpay for their laminators and laminate refills because they think their machine is a ” proprietary or sole source” laminator when it’s not. Our cold laminator prices and laminate refills are always discounted saving you a lot of money. Compare our prices on machines and laminate – you’ll be happy you did.


We are Xyron’s largest education dealer in the U.S. offering choices of laminate refills not available from other dealers such as double sided, single sided, single sided with adhesives and adhesives only. All the eCool laminate sets listed on these pages are guaranteed to fit the eCool 25″ cold laminating machine. And if you need a bigger cold laminator, we have those too; 38″ / 42″ models and up to 63″. All our laminate is typically in stock and can ship same day. If you have any questions or need a quote, feel free to call us at 800-321-5716. School PO’s are never a problem. We’re always glad to help. Consider our new Cold Laminator Spinner Tray. Your 25″ laminator filled with laminate weighs over 80 lbs. With our spinner tray you’ll easily be able to spin your machine 360 degrees adding laminate to the back, setting the laminate up in the front, loading the originals from the front and operating the machine from the side with just a finger. Click on this link to see our 25″ cold laminator spinner tray.


See our 25″ Cold Laminator demo


Please Note: Laminate Refills may be listed as a Xyron Brand Product such as the Xyron 2500 or Xyron DL 403 laminate refills.  These products are identical machines and replacement laminate refills for the eCool cold laminator systems and are warranted to work with your machine.


Quantity discounts are available for 3 or more sets of laminate.  Please ask or download our price sheet here for eCool products AKA Xyron 2500


Xyron Product
Product Description
Xyron List Pricing
Xyron 2500 laminator
25″ wide cold laminator
Xyron 2500 Spinner Tray Platform
Spinner Tray Platform for the 2500, allows access to your laminator a full 360 degrees
Exclusively available only through Bright White Paper Co.
Xyron DL 403
double sided laminate 300′ General Use
Xyron DL 404
double sided laminate 300′ for heat sensitive or thermal paper
Xyron SL 403
single sided laminate 300′
Xyron LAT 405
one sided laminate/one side adhesive HI tack 300′ roll set
Xyron LAT 409
one sided laminate/one side adhesive re positionable 170′ roll set
Xyron AT 400
adhesive application High Tack 300′
Xyron AT 405
adhesive application Acid Free 300′
Xyron AT 406
adhesive application re positionable 170′