Education Pro Color Poster Maker

The only School Poster Maker using



Not the Variquest™, HP, Canon, Color Pro, eColor or Learn On Demand systems.


Now any school or business can afford their own wide format full color poster maker in 24″, 36″ and 44″ widths with the Education Pro Color Poster Maker by Epson.


See the speed, quality and ease of use, visit our Education Pro Color Poster Maker Demo Video


Chess Club Banner, Education Pro School Poster Maker

Benefits of the Education Pro Color Poster Maker:

  • Epson’s Latest Technology In This Printer’s Series  – not an old model, low-end or home office printer like some of our competitors offer.
  • Incredibly Economical To Buy.  Purchase this printer 3 different ways designed for any budget.  Packages come complete with everything you need right out of the box.
  • Economical To Operate.  The Education Pro is less expensive to operate than the other printers in its class.  It uses just 5 ink cartridges to operate rather than Canon’s 6 or more and they’re available in 3 different sizes – 110 ml, 350 ml & 700 ml.  (Compare the cost to operate the Education Pro to our main competitors.  Download our Comparison Chart)
  • Setup Is Easy & Fast.  Short setup video covers everything from opening the box to building the stand, inserting ink, paper rolls and setting up software.  In just over an hour in most cases you’ll be printing your own posters and banners.
  • Comes with a one year on-site warranty plus our exceptional customer service.  We’re there to help answer questions and resolve any possible issues fast.
  • Print on different types of media including canvas, vinyl, all types of papers even poster board!  Use indoors or outdoors without lamination like other printers.
  • Make posters, charts, banners, teacher aids, certificates – all on demand!  Eliminates many retail printing purchases and create for a lot less money.
  • Pigmented Inks – most other school printers like HP (aka Variquest), Canon (aka Learn On Demand, Color Pron & eColor) use Dye based inks whose colors breaks down relatively fast.  That’s why they encourage lamination!  The Education Pro uses Epson’s new Ultra Chrome Inks – pigmented inks which are waterproof, fast drying and stable. Inside, your designs will remain indefinitely as vibrant as the day you created them regardless of the media.

The Education Pro Features:Cropped-150x150

  • Uses waterproof Inks that are resist fading and won’t smudge at no extra cost
  • Permanent print heads never need replacing.  Compare replacement print head costs from Canon (aka Color Pro, Learn On Demand, eColor),  HP & Variquest Perfecta printers.  You’ll pay with some printers as much as $200 per head to replace.
  • Comes with software all your software – CopyFactory  – scan from any Epson flatbed scanner and print direct to the printer.  Easy to view Job Accounting Package  –  breaks down the cost of every print job – how much ink, ink cost, amount of media and cost used per job. Operate from just about any Windows or Mac software you’re already using and print to the printer – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, pdf’s etc. No need to learn anything new.
  • Comes with Design Software complete with over 22,000 templates – education related and more – plus tens of thousands of pieces of clip art and fonts to choose from.  Each template is completely customizable meaning you can easily make any changes you want, add your schools logo and information, change dates and times, add your own pictures and logos – fast and super simple.
  • Network ready 
  • Fastest printer in its class.
  • Highest quality in its class – 2880 x 1440.
  • View any of our video demos anytime. Visit our video page.
  • The Education Pro Color Poster Maker is available in 24″, 36″ and 44″ widths.


Click here to see The Cost to Print Posters and Banners with the Education Pro


Printing in full color has never been easier!  With the Education Pro Color Poster Maker by Epson, you’ll get a professional quality printer – not a home office or bottom end printer  – with the fastest printing speed in its class and precise and detailed quality printing.  This printer is the latest technology offered by Epson.  Not only does it operate with only 5 ink cartridges but you can choose from different size cartridges – 110 ml, 350 ml and 700 ml. and mix and match the sizes as you need to.


The Education Pro uses pigmented Ultra Chrome XD inks that are waterproof, fast drying and smudge resistant in brilliant colors. You can print on tons of different types of media including canvas, vinyl, poster board and a multitude of various type of paper including gloss and semi gloss. Create your school banners and posters and put them outside without concern the ink will run.  No need to laminate like other school printers.  The Education Pro is super easy to operate and will be used by everyone at the school including administrators, teachers and students.


Want more information or have questions?  Call us at 800-321-5716 or Email US.  Please include your name, place of business, address and phone number. We can’t respond to blind requests.


Purchase the Education Pro Color Poster Maker from Epson 3 different ways – one to fit any budget. Just click a link below for the package that works best for you.


Pledge $1.93

Pledge $1.93

Our Base Package comes with everything you need right out of the box including printer stand, all your software, five full size 110 ML ink cartridges, paper roll, printer cable, one year on site warranty and free shipping.  No need to add anything else.  Perfect for customers with limited funds or concerned with purchasing more than you need.   Select the picture for complete details.  Our base package now includes our design software with over 22,000 templates & clip art,

computer workstation1In addition to the base package, our Plug N Play Package includes a computer workstation with all your software pre loaded including design software with over 16,000 templates & clip art, an Epson flatbed scanner, extra ink cartridges, paper rolls and more.  For information, select the picture. 

sep202014-505Purchase the items you want and your school will use. Don’t need an extra computer, but would like to buy the Epson scanner to work with the Copy Factory software included with your Education Pro Printer?  Unlike other companies that force you to buy packages loaded with items you don’t need or can’t afford, we let you purchase what you want – now or later. Just another way schools can save money with the our system. Click on the picture for more details.


If you have questions, feel free to call us at 800-321-5716 or download our Color Poster Maker Brochure


Download our Comparison Flyer – costs to operate – the Education Pro Printer Vs the Variquest Perfecta & Canon / Color Pro / E color / Learn On Demand printers


Download our Designs Flyer – information on our included 22,000 templates.