3M Laminator Refills - Scotch Laminator LS1050 Refills

You’ll think your laminate refill sets are on sale!

Laminate Refills for the 3m or Scotch brand LS 1050 25″ wide cold laminator are the same laminate sets used by the Xyron 2500 cold laminator.  Laminate refills for this product are normally 250′ from 3M/Scotch, our refills are 300 foot long sets. Select this link for laminate for the Scotch Cold Laminator LS 1050.

See our new Spinner Tray Platform for the cold laminator

Some dealers rename the Xyron 2500 by other names confusing customers into thinking they are the only dealers. This helps keep their prices high. Xyron also 3rd parties their machines for other companies like Varitronic®s ProFinish® 24″ wide laminator, Variquest™ 2510 and the 3M or Scotch brand systems. The laminate and laminate refills end up costing customers substantially more. If you want the a cold laminator you want the Xyron 1255 (12″), Xyron 2500 (25″) or theXyron 4400 (38″ & 42″).

Our prices are usually a lot better than what you have been paying and we offer a much better selection. If you have any questions, feel free to call us. We’re always glad to help.