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How many times have you needed or wanted a sign for an event and couldn’t wait!  Think of all the things you’ve wanted to promote, but your supplier was too expensive or delivery was too long.   

Now you can print your own full color posters, banners, retractable banner stands even yard signs for any sporting event going on at the school when you need it and for only a fraction of the cost of outside vendors.

Plus, by incorporating our reusable Easyboard display boards,Easyboard A-Frames and our adhesive back magnetic EasyFrames, you’ll be updating and changing your messages with only pieces of paper in just seconds!

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Stop Wishing & Start Printing

The Ed Pro Color Poster Maker from Epson is an incredibly Easy-To-Use printer available in 24″, 36″ and 44″ widths.  It is extremely fast and super economical to operate.  All the inks are waterproof so no matter what media you print on, it can all go outside without having to laminate.  Plus the inks are fast drying, smudge resistant and archival indoors.  Posters indoors stay as vibrant as the day you print.  Outdoors, inks last about 3-6 months without noticeable fading.  Another huge plus; inks cartridges are available in 3 sizes -110 ml, 350 ml and 700 ml cartridges.  The bigger the cartridge the less the ink costs and they can be mixed and matched in sizes and colors. Finally the Ed Pro’s print heads are permanent so as long as your printer is under warranty you’ll never have to pay to replace them.  Compare that to HP’s and Canon brand printers.

Everything comes with the Education Pro Printer for one low price 

$2295 – 24″ system

$2995 – 36″ system

$3495 – 44″ system

printer, rolling stand, 5 full ink cartridges, all software, roll of paper, printer cable,

one year on-site warranty even free shipping to your door.

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