ProImage® XL 3000 by Fujifilm

New —-  Now Available Heavy Duty Shipping & Travel Cases for your poster printer, universal case comes in two sizes –  23″ and 36″ poster makers.

We still offer support and repair for the Fujifilm ProImage® PLus 3000 series poster printers including ProImage® PLus 3000 and the XL 3000 poster printers.

The Fujifilm® ProImage® XL 3000 Poster Printer is a 36’ poster maker accepting 17″, 23″, 29″ and 36″ rolls.  Both the Plus 3000 and XL 3000 poster printers  have the same input quality, same output quality,  same operation and they look the same too.  The only real difference is their size.

Like the Plus 3000, the XL  3000 is the latest print technology offered by Varitronics®.  In fact, the Variquest™ Poster Maker 3600 is the XL 3000 except for some bells and whistles.  The main difference is the Poster Maker 3600 uses end caps with computer chip which required end users to purchase paper only from Varitronics® / Variquest™.   That changes April 1, 2013 when the Bright White Paper Co. will offer our own caps for the 3600 so any color of poster paper we offer can be used in that poster maker version.

The big deal with this XL 3000 is its print quality.  Imaging comes in at about 400 dpi which is about double to the ProImage® series of poster printers. However the 3000 series is more electronics oriented and repairing it is slightly more costly.

These printers are considered on demand printers.  All it takes just 70 seconds to create a sign no matter how much black or blue or background color you use.

Each printer has a built in scanner on top.  Simply create an original 8 ½” x 11” document – one color, full color, even photographs – place it into the scanner and within about 70 seconds or less it is fed through and enlarged to a 23” x 31” output working with a 23” roll.  The XL poster printer works only as a standalone unit and not from your computer.  It is limited by the width of the document you’re inserting (8 1/2″) but not by the length.  An 8 1/2″ x 11″ document equates to 23″ wide by about 31″ long. If you tape two documents together end to end, 8 1/2″ x 22″, our new output would be 23″ by about 62″ long.  So not only can you create posters, but banners too.

All versions of the poster printer offers manual selections on the top control panel enabling end users to select multiple sizes including smaller and larger widths than the paper roll inside.  With smaller sizes such as a 17” x 22” poster using a 23” wide roll, the printer would provide a trim mark along the side.  With larger size posters, the machine would require a document to be scanned twice, printing a left and right side.  When it was done, simply tape the two together.

So when you’re figuring your costs, remember, with inkjet printers you have the cost of the ink, the cost of various grades of paper quality, and depending on the quality of image you are printing, the cost to length of time to print your posters.  With a poster printer, the cost to produce your posters doesn’t change because there is no ink or toner, just paper. So it does not matter how much background color you use, or how much black or blue, it still costs the same to make. Try that with inkjet!

Refurbished poster printers are cleaned, lubricated and adjusted. Any parts damaged or not working properly are replaced. Each refurbished poster printer will come as if working brand new and should give customers years of service.

All our printers come with 6 month warranties covering the unit from top to bottom (except for the cutter) as well as free phone support for as long as you own your printer.  Additional 6 month warranties are available for only $99 more.

We’ve been selling refurbished poster printers for many years and have gotten a lot of referrals. Please select this link listing to see a sample list of customers.  Every customer listed has purchased one or more of our refurbished poster printers.  School districts have purchased as many as three poster printers from us Vs. the cost of one new unit.

Please note some of the parts for the 3000 line of posters printers –  ProImage® Plus 3000 and ProImage® Xl 3000- have started to be discontinued.  However, not to worry.  We have a warehouse of printers and parts, both new and used.  We have no concerns of supporting and selling these models for many years to come.  Feel free to call us with any questions at 800-321-5716.