ProFinish® Cold Laminators and ProFinish® Laminate Refills

Having trouble finding ProFinish® Laminate Refill Roll sets?  


Please Note:  This laminator is no longer available.  If you are looking for new cold laminator, please select this link for the Xyron 2500 cold laminator, identical to the ProFinish® and cheaper.

Xyron is the manufacturer of most cold laminators and manufactures machines for companies like Varitronics® / Variquest® and 3M/Scotch. The ProFinish is proprietary laminator virtually identical to Xyron’s own 25″ wide cold laminator called the 2500.  The laminate both the ProFinish and the Xyron 250 use is IDENTICAL. The difference – the ProFinish is a 24″ wide cold laminator making it proprietary & sole source while the 2500 is a full 25″ wide. Same laminate different widths.  This means customers who own ProFinish cold laminator systems are overpaying for the identical laminate as the Xyron 2500 by a $80 a set or more. 


Why overpay for your laminate?  

For customers tired of overpaying for their laminate refills but love using their cold laminators, we have an incredible opportunity to rid yourself forever of the hassles and expense.


Select this link to Stop Overpaying for your VariQuest 2510 Laminate


We do have ProFinish® Laminate refills available.  If you need one set or 12 give us a call. Most product goes out same day or within 24 hours of an order.  And of course school PO’s are never a problem.


For repair issues regarding your ProFinish® laminator, please call us at 800-321-5716.


If you have any questions or need a quote, feel free to call us at 800-321-5716.  School PO’s are never a problem. We’re always glad to help.



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ProFinish® 24″ x 300′ roll sets
ProFinish® 24″ x 300′ roll sets (2 rolls top and bottom 300 linear feet)
Please call 800-321-5716