Variquest_Poster Maker 3600Bright White Paper Co’s brand poster paper rolls can all be used with the the VariQuest® Poster Maker 3600.  Save $10 to over $40 per roll plus choose from 30 different paper roll colors, 25 sole source.


This printer uses nearly the same print technology as their previous model the ProImage® XL 3000 adding a few extra bells and whistles. 


It’s an expensive piece of technology for a one color printer with a list price that used to be about $6000. The big surprise for customers who are upgrading to this machine from previous poster printer models is the poster paper rolls they’ll be forced to use thru VariQuest®.  Even though it is the exact same paper they were using with their previous poster printer, the 3600 requires you to use only the paper rolls with their proprietary end caps to operate the system.


Bright White Paper Co & Varitronics® / VariQuest® are the only 2 companies in the world manufacturing wide format thermal paper rolls.  The problem, with every poster printer model prior to the 3600, you had a choice of shopping for your poster paper from us or them.  However, with this printer, supposedly you had one choice.  Why?  Because they want you to buy paper only from them at their prices.  With this thermal printer, the paper rolls from VariQuest® all come with their own proprietary end cap.  This end cap has a built in computer chip  which is read by the machine from a sensor on the right side of the end cap carriage.  What a surprise for poster printer owners upgrading and realizing any paper rolls left from their previous models have to be tossed- even though it’s the same exact paper!



Well Good News!  You can still choose where to buy your poster paper rolls even for the VariQuest® 3600!  The Bright White Paper Co. offers our own end caps for use with our brand poster paper which allows our paper without any issues with the 3600 Poster Maker.  Best of all, they’re FREE with your initial paper order from us!


Join the 1000’s of customers that use our poster paper from around the world with their Varitronics® and VariQuest® 3600 poster maker.  Select this link for our discounted poster paper rolls See below for special instructions on first time Bright White Paper Co paper orders.


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See the video demonstrations below or read on:

Like previous poster printer models including the 3000 versions, the paper roll end caps stayed with the system.  To change a paper roll, you took the end caps out of one roll and placed them into a new roll.  Well it’s the same concept with our end caps.  Two end caps, one side with a computer chip. When you’re done with one roll, take the end caps out and put them into your new roll


Here is what you’ll see: On the LCD on top of the 3600, the printer will show the width of the paper roll – 23″, 29″ or 36″- the paper type – Standard or DTP – the paper color – a generic color of red/red – and the roll length – 999.  The 999 is actually 999 feet but you won’t see it go down because our end caps run 500,000 feet in length.  If you are designing from a computer in the VariQuest® software, you’ll design normally.  In the last screen, whatever you have designed will appear either a solid red image or very similar.  However, if you hit the print button, the printer will create your poster just as you designed it.



Like before, customers will save from $10 per roll to more than $40 on Bright White Paper’s brand poster paper rolls and get FREE shipping with any 6 or more 23″ rolls anywhere throughout the Continental US.  Plus, with our brand of paper you’ll have the option of choosing from 30 different colors, all less expensive than VariQuest® brand poster paper for the Poster Maker 3600.


Select this link for Bright White Paper Co’s brand of poster paper for the Variquest© Poster Maker 3600 Poster Paper.  

If you are placing your first paper order for the 3600 poster maker, in the notes area after placing your order, state the paper is for use with the a Poster Maker 3600. A free pair of end caps will be included with your order to operate your poster maker. 



Although our poster paper prints perfectly with the Poster Maker 3600, the end user will notice some differences on their printer’s LCD and /or computer screen, none of which will affect the design or output.  For more information, please contact us at 800-321-5716 or see our video demo above. 

Bright White Paper Co.’s end cap has supply recognition limitations when used with the Variquest® Design Center Software and the Poster Maker 3600 and is not endorsed by Varitronics®, a Brady Business.


Bright White Paper Co is not a dealer or has any affiliation with Varitronics® or Variquest®