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Video demonstrations page for Bright White Paper Co.

The videos below are a composite of videos about our business and the products we offer.  Regarding the products, you’ll see actual demonstrations, how the products operate and are designed to fit your situations and needs.  If there are specific products you have questions about or would like to see used in other ways, please let us know.  

Also, be aware some products like the Xyron 2500 are sometimes renamed by other dealers. You’ll notice an “AKA” or “also known as” next to the products name with their alias’ listed. In most situations these products are identical to the name brand and all our supplies will fit the system.

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Bright White Paper Co was selected by Wells Fargo Bank to be part of their small business series.

Interview South Florida Business Report about Bright White Paper Co

Xyron Pro 1255 Cold Laminator AKA Brady BLS 1255

Xyron 2500 Cold Laminator AKA VariQuest 2510, Scotch LS 1050, CoolLam & eCool Cold Laminators

Spinner Tray Platform for 24" & 25" Cold Laminators

Easyboards reusable display boards and accessories

EasyFrames reusable adhesive backed magnetic lined frames

Education Pro Color Poster Maker from Epson

VariQuest Poster Maker 3600

Poster Paper & Poster Printing with Varitronics ProImage & Fujifilm 3000 Poster Printers