What is cold lamination?   A simpler way to laminate!

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Cold laminators main benefits over hot laminators are evident in 3 main areas.

First, there is no electricity  so there is no heat or warm up required. When you’re ready to laminate, so is your cold laminator. No electricity makes it a green tool and  much safer for the environment and the operators.

Second, lamination is as simple as turning the handle which moves your materials through the laminator as fast or slow as you want. Because a cold laminator only uses gears rather than a motor and heating elements, there is no maintenance issues or break down like a hot laminator. We also don’t offer extended warranties or maintenance contracts because there is nothing to break.  Add it up – no extended warranties or insurance contracts like hot laminators is a giant savings benefit.

Third, because you stop laminating your materials where you want and trim it where you want, there is no waste. The film is coated with an adhesive similar to tape so everything it touches it seals to. That means you can easily trim into items and up to edges and it will never peel up.  You don’t have to leave room between documents anymore.  Anyone who has operated a hot laminator knows there is a tremendous amount of waste – documents peeling apart, waste in the front, waste in the back, rippling, pulling documents, etc.  Not with cold lamination.


Bright White product shoot-009 Bright White product shoot-013Bright White product shoot-011There’s more:  Cold laminate is thicker to begin with than typical hot laminate – almost 5 mil top and bottom.  Because there is no heat needed, there is no odor to stink up the building.  Kids can operate the laminator without a concern of burning themselves. The handle easily goes on and comes off which means when it’s off, no one can operate the laminator without permission.  With a cold laminator. customers get choices of a different films and adhesives  – double side laminate, single sided laminate only, single sided laminate with adhesive backs and adhesives only, not to mention high tack and re-positionable adhesives.


Over all, cold laminators laminate faster, easier, safer, seal better, the film is thicker (about 5 ML) and can laminate just about anything including heat sensitive thermal paper.


The Cost – Cold lamination machines are usually less expensive than hot laminators.  However, the laminate replacement rolls or cartridges are more expensive than hot laminate refills.  The fact is much of the replacement hot laminate film comes from 3rd world countries and, as any teacher can testify, is awful.  Yes, it can be cheap – usually in schools they use 1 1/2 ML film  which is really flimsy –  but the film has very little adhesive to begin with.  So you turn on your hot laminator wait 15, 20 even up to 30 minutes to heat up, try to slide your original in straight and slowly, and wait for the finished product to feed through the nmachine.  Meanwhile from the front, you keep smoothing the original out as it enters the machine burning your fingers in the process.  When it’s finally through on the other side, you hope there are no wrinkles or creases, and if you’re really lucky, hope the film does not peel a part like most of the cheap film out there.  God forbid you have to trim into a document or up to an edge.  And I didn’t even discuss all the waste – generally 30%-50% in waste – front and back, getting it started, etc. So yes hot laminate film is cheap, but the cost to operate – expensive!

With cold laminators,the operator simply slides the original into the machine wherever you like, comes in contact with the adhesive film and turns the handle.  Then, from the side, roll the document through as fast or slow as you wish, stop it exactly where you want and trim.  Cold lamination is On Demand lamination.  Whenever you need to laminator, your machine is always ready.  No electricity is needed to operate, no waste because you stop and start where you want and finally, no maintenance.  Typically schools purchase the same hot laminators over and over again and all they do is break.  They buy maintenance agreements and insurance contracts because they know they will break.  Even though cold laminate film is more expensive in cost, you use far less film to begin with.  The machine is cheaper to purchase, the operation is cheaper to own and you use less film overall.  Compare!

Xyron offers 3 different commercial cold laminators:

Xyron is the manufacturer of almost all the cold laminators  and private labels their machines for other companies like Scotch/3M and Varitronics®.   Although these machines may be identical in looks, some like Varitronics® ProFinish and the Variquest™ 2510 models use proprietary laminate roll sets.  For the most part, identical machines and identical laminate but unique differences makes their laminators and laminate refills much more expensive than purchasing the same laminator under the Xyron brand.  Other models like the 3M or Scotch LS 1050, eCool and CoolLam machines may be called by a different name, but they are still the Xyron 2500 and capable of using the same 2500 refills we offer for a lot less. If you own any of the models listed, please ask us for help.  We’ll direct you to the right laminate refills for a lot less.


Neither the 1255 or the 2500 laminators use electricity to operate, however the Xyron 4400 does because of the weight and width of the laminating rolls. Just about all the same films used with the 1255 & 2500 machines – double sided, single side, single sided with adhesive backs and adhesive only – is available for the 4400. To learn more about the different types of laminate refills available, please selct the machine of interest above. .


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