Don’t buy your next Poster Maker based on the software & the touchscreen it comes with.

      Many dealers tout their software as a great benefit to their color poster maker so customers overlook inflated prices, low quality prints or advantages other printers in the same class offer.  The fact is software is a tool, an add-on to your printer.  Curriculum’s change, subjects being taught change and teachers many times find more pertinent teacher’s aids on free websites like Pinterest.  What happens when their newest designs don’t really match your school’s ideas?  Do you really want to buy an expensive piece printer based on someone’s idea of what you should display in your school? 


Same with the their so called workstations or touch screen computers.  Does your school really need another computer?  Then why buy one?


Keep in mind, you’re buying a printer first & if you & your staff find the printer too hard to operate, printing too slowly, hard to load paper, or the printer ends up being too expensive to run because no one ever bothered to compare ink costs –  no one will ever use it no matter how great the software or the touchscreen is.


With the Education Pro Color Poster Maker by Epson, you’re buying a professional printer that is super easy to operate.  This is not a low-end machine, older model or a home office system like some dealers offer. This is Epson’s latest technology with this series of printers and meant to be conservative on ink usage.  Our base package comes with everything you need to operate your printer including an incredibly simple design program with over 28,000 customizable templates to choose from, scanning program and an accpounting program that shows you tghe cost of everything you print.  With our design program, you can easily select a design, change the fonts and colors, drop in your own photos or the school logo and print in just a few minutes.  With the Education Pro, you’ll be able to print downloads off your phone or pdf documents.  Or, if you prefer, use just about any software you’re currently operating – Publisher, Excel, etc., even Mac software – you don’t need to learn anything new.
Compare Printers & Supplies, Do Your Research 
This is a big purchase and one that will be used hopefully for a long time.  For the most part, there’s only Epson, Canon and HP brands.  Anyone who claims the printer is their own brand is lying.  Peel back the stickers and see what they are really selling you.  It also usually means they’re charging more for their inks cartridges and supplies than the real brand itself.
How many posters can I make with one cartridge?  Who knows and if a dealer tells you they do know or even a range, they’re not telling the truth.   Each poster or banner you create uses different amounts of ink –  some more, some less – unless you’re printing the same thing over and over again.  However, our printer has a solution.  As part of the software package you get with the Education Pro is an Accounting Package that breaks down each and every job you print.  You’ll know the amount of ink by color, how much was used and the cost per color.  Same with the media.  And total costs are listed at the bottom of the page.  Fund raisers, different departments, teachers usage can all be easily tracked and determined with a click of your mouse.  Finally, you’ll also get Scanning Software.  Place pictures or documents on an Epson flatbed scanner, press a button on the screen and start printing direct to he printer.  All our software comes with our base package.  Nothing extra to purchase.

Ask Questions:

What brand printer is it? Do I have to change print heads?  if so how often?  How much are they each?  How many ink cartridges does it take to operate?  How big are they (look at them or ask for a picture)?  Does the printer come with full ink cartridges or starter cartridges?  How much are they each?  Are they dye or pigmented inks? What are the other consumables needed to operate the printer other than the media?  What type of media can it print on – types of paper, vinyl, canvas, poster board, polypropylene, Tyvek?  What are your media costs?  Can I use what I print outside?  Do I have to laminate if I display it outside?  How fast is the printer?  What is its highest DPI the printer will print?  Is it networkable or do I have to add another component to do that?  What software does the printer come with?  What does their website look like?  Do they have lots of pictures and detailed information?  Are their videos demos you can watch?  Or does the site look like it was built years ago and never updated since?  What add-on components do they offer?
These Should Be Basic Questions – Our Answers Are Below 

Our printer comes standard with permanent print heads, waterproof inks, prints on vinyl, canvas, polypropylene, Tyvek  even poster board.  None of the other printers in the same class can do that.  It’s also the fastest printer in its class, prints at the highest DPI – 2280 x 1440 and uses 3 size ink cartridges – the bigger the cartridge the less the cost.  Our smallest cartridge, 110 ML (approximately the size of 4 cartridges you put into your desktop printer), costs less than $63 and paper rolls start at $34.75 for  24″ x 150 feet.  The Education Pro  from Epson is incredibly easy to operate, networkable and comes with everything you need to operate right out of the box –  design software, scanning software and accounting software described above.  It also comes with a printer stand, 5 full cartridges, a roll of paper, a one year on-site warranty and free shipping to your door.  In just about an hours time after opening the box you’ll be printing beautiful posters and banners in full color!  And it’s no different to use than what currently sits on your desk.


We offer unlimited support as long as you own your printer.  The printer comes with a one year on-site warranty.  Any issues or problems are handled either through us and our 800#.  We are also available by Skype where you can follow along watching our screen as we use the same software you’re using.  You’ll also have an 800# to Epson based on Long Beach California.  Their technicians are extremely helpful and will try to deal with more technical issues.  Finally, if they can’t figure the problem out with you on the phone, they’ll send a technician to your school at no cost to you in the first year and, regardless of what needs replacing, it’s all free.  Additional extended warranties are also available.


So don’t just buy a printer because the software looks good or the touchscreen makes it look easier to operate – it’s not and you’ll pay for it too.  Does your school really need another computer?  Than why buy one?  And if they won’t sell you the printer without the add-ons, walk away and find another dealer.  Stop overpaying!

 Remember, you’re buying a printer first, everything else is just an add-on.


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