Professional Displays in Seconds with only a piece of paper!

Introducing the revolutionary NewEasyboard® Foldable Exhibitor Display Board, a green, On Demand presentation tool that starts out small & unfolds to a full 18″ x 24″ or 24″ x 36″ display board in under a minute.  Instead of paying extra for dry mounting and laminating,all you’ll ever need to create a display is a piece of paper.(scroll below for pricing)BWP (6)


Often, presentation materials are designed to be used once and tossed. Ask any trade show decorator and they’ll admit they’re the biggest suppliers of trash at the dump.  All the signage and displays that are date or time specific to that conference end up in the landfill.  Or information that was correct at the last conference needs to be updated right away adding an unexpected expense because it’s now a rush job.  How often do your materials show up at a conference damaged with crushed corners and look awful?

Now that’s about to change!  

  Easyboard® Foldable Exhibitor Display Boards are

  • Lightweight – 1 – 2 lbs.
  • Fast – takes only a minute to set up and dismantle
  • Sturdy – rigid and resists damage.
  • Update – information can be changed On Demand in just seconds with only a piece of paper
  • Green – designed to be re used over and over again
  • Folds – compact and stores in it’s own carrying case

Available In Two Sizes –  18″ x 24″ or  24″ x 36″



Easyboard Foldable Exhibitor Boards are fast & easy to set up

  • Unfold the board
  • Attach the Velcro lined supports along the back
  • Attach the Velcro lined clear cover
  • Slide in your paper display
  • Reseal the cover.
  • To dismantle, just follow the steps above in reverse


That’s it!


In about a minute you have a rigid framed display board as sturdy as any dry mounted one that would have cost you a lot more.  And you can change announcements or signage in seconds by just sliding in and out a piece of paper. This board won’t arrive damaged or crushed at your event and your information is current and fresh. The Easyboard Foldable Exihibitor Display Board is perfect at trade shows, meetings and presentations and designed to be a one-time purchase and then re-used over and over again.  .

Easyboard Exhibit Board.Case

The Exhibitior Board comes with one sturdy traveling tube to store your clear, framed cover and paper displays in.  Optional carrying cases come with one extra traveling tube or purchase extra tubes seperately. 


And if for some reason your boards do experience some type of damage, all the parts can be purchased separately. No need to buy a complete new display board.


Easyboard Foldable Exhibitor Board - interior dimensions 18" x 24", comes with two traveling tube


Easyboard Foldable Exhibitor Board - interior dimensions 24" x 36", comes with two traveling tube


Travel Bag with detachable shoulder strap for 18" x 24" Board, comes with 1 additional traveling tube - accepts up to 3 boards and 3 tubes
Travel Bag with detachable shoulder strap for 24" x 36" Board, comes with 1 additional traveling tube - accepts up to 3 boards and 3 tubes
Easel for 18" x 24" Foldable Board (attaches with Velcro, portrait or landscape)


Extra Traveling Tubes for 18" x 24"
Extra Traveling Tubes for 24" x 36"