EasyFrames™ are sticky back magnetic lined frames ideal for displaying menus & signage in windows, on doors or walls simple and fast.  Just lift the cover up, slide in a piece of paper and drop the cover down – 10 seconds or less.  As your information changes, it takes only a few seconds and a piece of paper to update it.



EasyFrames™ covers can be attached either portrait style with frames lifting up and dropping down or landscape opening from side to side, whichever direction the customer requires.  Covers are hand silk screened in black from the backside of the frame reducing any chance of scratching or chipping of the frame.


EasyFrames™  are fantastic for all different types of businesses including restaurants displaying menu and specials in windows, real estate agents showcasing their newest listings and all types of other signage.  In windows, information can be seen coming and going. There is no need to laminate anymore.  Create your messages on paper and slide them in and out of the frame as needed. 


It only takes a few minutes to install:

Simply peel the protective carrier sheet off the back of the adhesive side of the magnetic strips and double sided tape, place the cover on a solid surface and press firmly on all four sides.  The frame is now secured to the surface.  Then, just lift the cover up, insert your document and roll the cover down.  Fast & Simple!


EasyFrames™ are available in 7 different sizes for sizes of 8 1/2” x 11” to poster size of 24” x 36”, order by your original document size.  Additional sizes and custom color borders may be available so please ask.


  • Can be displayed in either portrait or as landscape direction

  • Adheres to just about any surface including glass, metal or wood

  • Covers are silk screened from the back so they won’t chip or scratch from the front.

  • Three sided frame holds documents firmly in place

  • Signs can be read coming & going if adhered to glass.

  • Black printed border provides professional look

  • Customize by inserting company logo or colorizing borders.  Custom work is based on minimums.


 Download our EasyFrame adhesive back magnetic window frame Sales Sheet


Please Note:   We recommend the covers’ permanent or double sided tape side be adhered at the top and then lifted up rather than pulled down. We have found that by pulling the covers down, the double sided tape tends to give slightly causing documents to stick to the tape.  If you have any questions, feel free to call us.


EasyFrame™ Pricing

Order by document size

Bright White Paper Co is a TIPS Vendor

8 1/2" x 11"


8 1/2" x 14"


11" x 17"


17" x 22"


18" x 24"


23" x 31"


24" x 36"