Do more for less with 

Epson’s Ed Pro Color Poster Maker 

A professional, easy to use Color Poster Printer 

with waterproof & smudge resistant inks plus permanent print heads

Signage & Displays

Outdoor Vinyl Banners

Canvas Portraits

Yard Signs

Enlarge Student's Art


It’s not just for Teacher’s Aids!

The Education Pro is versatile enough to print more than just simple posters & teacher’s aides.  Create outdoor vinyl banners, canvas portriats, yard signs even retractable banner stands easy & fast.  Use for fundraising, announcements, directional & parking signage.  By investing in this printer, you’ll be investing in your business’ future. 

Pay a fraction of the cost you’ve been paying
to Kinko’s, Staples or other outside printers.  Not only can you print when you want and when you need it, but you’ll be savings $100’s if not $1000’s.   With the included accounting software, you’ll know the cost of every job print.  You’ll know the amount of ink used by color, the cost of ink by color, totals, media costs for total job cost.  Easy to set up and use.  You can bill by the job, event, department, etc. if you choose.
Unlimited Support
Support for your printer is indefinite – and at no extra cost to you.  You can call us, email, etc. with any questions you may have about your poster maker, physical or operational, as long as you own it.  And that goes for Epson’s support too.  You get a one year on-site warranty with the purchase of your printer and extended warranties are available for physical issues for up to 3 full years.  
Print on a variety of different types of media!
Print your own waterproof outdoor vinyl banners, blow up kids artwork on canvas for fundraising, create your own directional or informational signs on poster board, print retractable reusable banner stands (Pop Ups) on polypropylene (indoor /outdoor media) and use over and over again, scan photographs and blow them up to poster size with our new 12″ x 17″ oversize scanner.  


Why waste money on a color poster maker for your school that can’t do what ours does and costs dramatically more?


Click here to see The Cost to Print Posters and Banners with the Education Pro


Chess Club Banner, Education Pro School Poster Maker

Benefits of the Education Pro Color Poster Maker:

  • Epson’s Latest Technology   – not an old model, low-end or home office printer.
  • Permanent Print Heads – Unlike HP (VariQuest) and Canon printers where you’ll be paying many hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the life of the printer replacing print heads, our heads are designed to last the life of the printer
  • Pigmented Inks / Fade Resistant / Waterproof – most other education printers use Dye based inks which fade relatively fast and require laminating to display materials outdoors. The Education Pro uses pigmented inks which are waterproof, fast drying and extremely stable.  Inside your designs will remain vibrant as the day you created them regardless of the media.  Outdoors the ink will last many months regardless of the weather.
  • Windows or Mac Operation. *Mac has some limitations, please inquire for details
  • Unlimited Support – As long as you own your printer not only will we be there to offer support but so will Epson at no additional cost! 
  • No Need To Learn New Software.  If you’re comfortable designing in Publisher, Photoshop, PowerPoint, etc.  No Problem.  
  • Economical To Buy.  Our printer not only costs less than the competition, but comes complete with everything you need right out of the box including FREE SHIPPING!
  • Economical To Operate.  The Education Pro is less expensive to operate & uses just 5 ink cartridges available in 3 different sizes – 110 ml, 350 ml & 700 ml. (Compare the cost to operate the Education Pro to our main competitors. )
  • Setup Is Easy & Fast.  Short setup video covers everything from opening the box to building the stand, inserting ink, paper rolls and setting up software.  In just over an hour you’ll be printing your own beautiful posters and banners.
  • Print on different types of media including canvas, vinyl, Tyvek, polypropylene, all types of papers even poster board!  Because the inks are waterproof, use posters or banners indoors or outdoors without needing to laminate. 
  • Make posters, charts, banners, teacher aids, certificates – all on demand!  Just about any sign or display you’ve been sending out for can be printed from the Education Pro when you need it at only a fraction of the cost.


Click Here to Purchase the Education Pro Color Poster Maker from Epson 3 different ways –  one to fit any budget. 


Want more information or have questions?  Select the link above or call us at 800-321-5716.