Bright White Paper Co is Epson’s largest education dealer with the Ed Pro in the U.S.

Do more for less with 

Epson’s Ed Pro Color Poster Maker 

Schools & businesses across the U.S. love using the Ed Pro

A professional, extremely easy-to-use Color Poster Printer 

with waterproof & smudge resistant inks plus permanent print heads

Signage & Displays

Outdoor Vinyl Banners

Canvas Portraits

Yard Signs

Enlarge Student's Art


It’s not just for Teacher’s Aids

The Education Pro is versatile enough to print more than just simple posters & teacher’s aides.  Use for announcements, displays, directional & parking signage.  Create outdoor vinyl banners, canvas portraits, yard signs even retractable banner stands easy & fast.  Start entrepreneurial classes and have students print and sell signage to local businesses.  Add to DECA  programs or use for fundraising.  By investing in this printer, you’ll be investing in your business’ future.   

Pay a fraction of the cost you’ve been paying
to Kinko’s, Staples or other outside printers.  Not only can you print when you want and when you need it, but you’ll be savings $100’s if not $1000’s.  With the included cost analysis software, you’ll easily know the cost of every job printed & how much you’ve saved.  

Print on a variety of different types of media
Print your own waterproof outdoor vinyl banners, blow up kids artwork on canvas, create your own directional signs on poster board, print retractable & reusable banner stands (Pop Ups) on polypropylene, scan photographs and print high end photo quality art and much, much more. 
Do more for a lot less!
Our color poster printer costs almost 50% less than some other school poster makers on the market and that includes the costs of ink & supplies.   That’s 50% !!!!    Not only do they cost more to operate, but they can’t do as much either.  
We offer tools & a wide selection of media choices so you can do more with your printer.  Want to make yard signs, no problem.  We offer inexpensive yard sign blanks and stands.  Our retractable banner stand kits are designed to be bought once and re-used over and over again.  Use our add-on products to print inexpensively onto paper, display and change information on-demand with our Easyboardsreusable display boards, accompanying Easyboard A-Frames and adhesive backed magnetic lined EasyFrames.  Use our GREEN cold laminators not only to laminate but to apply adhesives for mounting your yard signs and canvas portraits.  
Support for as long as you own your printer

With the Education Pro you get indefinite support as long as you own your printer at no additional cost  You’ll have an 800# to us and an 800# to Epson (based in Long Beach CA not international).  We’re here to help  anytime you have questions or issues.  Plus you can expand  the 1 year on-site warranty that comes with printer up to 3 full years.  If that’s not enough, we offer ongoing video demos & how to manuals that will help you become an expert in no time.

One last thing
A piece of advicethe most important thing you’re buying is a printer.  The competition may show you their touchscreens and their software but you’re buying a printer.  If you don’t like how the paper or ink loads, the limited amount and type of media that can be used, the speed it prints, quality of the prints and, most importantly, cost of ongoing supplies like ink, media, and subscription services (why would you buy a printer with a subscription service?) – you’ll never use it.  Just because other schools in the district bought one doesn’t mean it’s a good system.  If you’re business doesn’t need another computer, why are you being forced to buy one?  All printer’s come with the necessary software to operate.  Only the printer that will accomplish what you want it to do with today and tomorrow will be best for your business.

No other school color poster maker offers as much

for the same price as the Education Pro Color Poster Maker.
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Chess Club Banner, Education Pro School Poster Maker

Benefits of the Education Pro Color Poster Maker:

  • Epson’s Latest Technologynot an old model, low-end or home office printer.
  • As Easy To Use As Your Desktop Printer
  • Windows or Mac Operation. 
  • No Need To Learn New Software.  If you’re comfortable using Publisher, Photoshop, PowerPoint, etc.  No Problem.  
  • Economical To Buy.  Our printer not only costs less than the competition, but comes complete with everything even FREE SHIPPING!
  • Economical To Operate.  The Education Pro uses just 5 ink cartridges available in 3 different sizes – 110 ml, 350 ml & 700 ml. (Compare the cost to operate the Education Pro Vs the competition.)
  • Setup Is Easy & Fast.  Short setup video has you printing your own beautiful posters and banners in just about an hours time 
  • Print on different types of media including canvas, vinyl, Tyvek, polypropylene, all types of papers even poster board!  
  • Make posters, charts, banners, teacher aids, certificates as you need them when you want them. Print at a fraction of the cost what you’ve been paying Kinko’s or Staples.  
  • Pigmented Inks – other education printers use Dye based inks which fade relatively fast and require lamination to display materials outdoors. The Education Pro uses pigmented inks which are waterproof, fast drying and extremely stable.  Inside your designs will remain vibrant, outdoors the ink will last many months regardless of the weather.


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