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Education Pro Color Poster Maker

Epson’s latest printer technology for schools & businesses 

A serious, professional quality color poster printer as

easy to use as the printer that sits on your desk.


Now with Reduced Education Pricing – Do More For less!

Available in 24″, 36″ and 44″ widths.

Each size printer can print on smaller rolls as well as individual sheets, roll media even poster board.


Do more with our school poster maker for a lot less.  Our Poster Maker is almost half the price of the competition but the Ed Pro comes with a lot more –  waterproof & fade resistant inks (no need to laminate to display posters & banners outdoors), permanent print heads and the ability to print on all types of media including canvas, vinyl, Tyvek, polypropylene even poster board.  

The competition’s printers can’t do that!

The Ed Pro color poster maker is the fastest printer in it’s class and prints at a higher dpi.  It’s also less expensive to operate – ink cartridges and paper rolls are almost 50% less than some competitor’s supply costs.  Plus there never is a subscription service like some printers.  And the Ed Pro is super easy to use right out of the box.

 Not the competition!


Enlarge students artwork

Create student displays

Print & display signage


Get Epson quality all for one low price!   No need to add anything else and never a subscription fee.

For one price gets everything you need to start printing right out of the box – software, stand, ink cartridges, roll of paper, printer cable even free shipping right to your door.  In just about an hour after opening the box you’ll be printing beautiful posters and banners in full color!



from just about any Windows or Mac software you already use like Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Photoshop even PDF’s & picture files.  No need to learn anything new.   All of it can be easily printed direct to the Education Pro Color Poster Maker.


with our included Scan-To-Print software, a scanning program that works with any Epson flatbed scanner.  Simply push one button and the software automatically scans and prints beautiful posters at various qualities right to your school poster maker.  Or scan with our new Large Format 12″ x 17″ Scanner & create your own pdf’s from oversize documents, kids artwork, books, photos, etc.  


with our included design program NOW with over 28,000 templates – education related and more – for incredible posters & banners.  Every design is customizable from layout to font and it’s so easy to use. Include your own photos & logos, or choose from over 300,000’s of pieces of clip art included. And all your designs are easily printed right to your Education Pro Color School Poster Maker  with a click of a button.

You’ll also get

our easy-to-use cost analysis software that tracks each job you print and tells you the amount of ink used, the cost per color, the cost of media and the total cost of every poster or banner printed.   If the football team creates their own 10 foot banner, the science department needs a poster for their robotics tournament, teachers need to create teacher’s aides and the cafeteria is announcing their specials for the week –  you’ll know the cost of each and can bill departments or personnel their fair share if you want.



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