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Our design software for the Education Pro Color Poster Maker allows users to select from over 28,000 customizable templates, clip art and fonts for use with education, sports, holidays and many, many more subjects. It is extremely easy to use and works with any Windows operated computer. Whether you’ve selected a template of the Periodic Table or created a banner for the wrestling team, you’ll easily be able to customize and change fonts, add pictures, clip art, even insert the school’s logo.  Additionally, download pdf’s, picture files, or work from design software you’ve been using and EASILY print direct to the Education Pro – no need to learn anything new!  


Each Education Pro Color Poster Maker comes with all the software needed to operate your printer including accounting software at no additional cost. You’ll know the cost of  every job printed including the amount and cost of ink used by color, total ink used, total ink costs, amount of media and cost of the media for a total job cost.  You charge users, departments, events, etc. Setup is as easy as telling the program what you size ink cartridge you are using, what the cost is, what type of media, cost and size. The software will work in the background in conjunction with your printer and report the exact costs automatically.


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The pictures on this page were printed from an Education Pro Color Poster Maker at it’s fastest speed and lowest quality. We used 350 ML ink cartridges rather than 110 ML or 700 ML and a $34.75 roll of 24 lb coated paper roll. The designs are random templates we selected within the  design software. Costs will vary depending on the designs you use, the size cartridge, the quality of the print and the media you are using (matte, gloss, vinyl, poster board, etc.).


Want more information or have questions?  Call 800-321-5716 or Email US.  Please include your name, place of business, address and phone number. We can’t respond to blind requests.


Watch the video The Cost To Print

* Any dealer, regardless of the printer they are promoting, who tells you they know how many posters an ink cartridge will print or the average cost of the posters their printer will print, is not telling the truth. Each poster’s costs is based on the quality of the design or image you are printing, the quality of the print you want (good, better, best) and the cost of the media. Better quality images printed at higher DPI will always use more ink. If you are trying to determine ink costs, compare the size of the cartridge in ML ( milliliters, that’s how they come) and the cost of the cartridge to determine per ML cost. Then compare the per ML cost VS each of the printers you are interested in. And don’t forget the cost of the media you plan to use. 

Besides costs per ML, cost to operate your printer will include print heads and how long they will last, how many ink cartridges the printer accepts, and the operation of the printer. Also compare highest quality print (2440 VS 1440), the type of ink used (pigment Vs. dye) and the quality of the printer or brand.