How easy is it to determine the cost of every job you print?

One word- Easy!


Included with every Education Pro Color Poster Maker is Epson’s Cost Analysis software which automatically calculate the cost of every job you print.  So if you have different departments, events or even want to bill the staff, you’ll know exactly what the cost is. *The cost analysis software is not currently supported on Apple Products.

(Place your cursor over any picture for an enlarged view)




If you select price settings at the top, you can easily input the cost of whatever media you are using now or as you add other materials. 


Select the 2nd tab in price settings and you’ll be able to add the cost of your ink cartridges.  Because the Ed Pro accepts 3 different size cartridges – 110 ml, 350 ml & 700 ml – you can mix and match your sizes based on the cartridges sizes you load your printer with.

Every job printed, even nozzle checks are listed.  Double click on any job for more information

By double clicking you’ll know how much ink is used by color, totals, media costs for a total job cost.  


This poster was printed at the highest speed, lowest quality and our base paper for a total of $2.37.

With the Ed Pro, printing at its lowest quality is usually better than most printers better quality.