How easy is it to design and print to the Education Pro Color Poster Maker?

One word – EASY!


With the design program that comes with the Ed Pro, you’ll be able to choose from over 28,000 customizable templates (compare that to the competition).  Just select a category on the left side, then select the subject, occasion or event template you want to work with.  From posters to banners and everything in between.  And because all the designs are customizable, you can create and print in any size you want.  You can also start from blank templates, in any size, add your own photos, logos or choose from over 377,000 pieces of clip art included.   We give you the tools and instructions both videos and manuals to be able to create and print in just minutes.  And at anytime you might get stuck, call us


(Place your cursor over any picture for an enlarged view)


Select from over 28,000 templates in different categories & subjects or design from scratch

All templates are customizable – so you can add your own photos, logos, etc. fast and easy.


And if you prefer not to use our design program but one you are already familiar with such as Publisher, Photoshop, etc., no problem.  You can print all your designs from just about any program easily to the Ed Pro printer including pdf’s.


How Easy?  Choose a design then make your changes.


Select your design and then set up the size you want

Make changes like fonts, font size and colors

Change the information, update dates and locations

The design is done – fast, easy and ready to print


Maybe 5 minutes to select, design and print.  It really is that easy!

(The above poster was printed at its highest speed, lowest quality)