VariQuest Perfecta 2400 Color PrinterVariQuest® Perfecta 2400 Design System, Perfecta 2400 STP & the Perfecta 3600 STP

If you buy any of the VariQuest® Perfecta Design System printers you’re buying HP Design Jet Printers.  The Catch – Not only are you paying more for the printers, but the supplies too.  And the both STP systems, 2400 STP & 3600 STP,  use proprietary ink cartridges.  HP brand ink cartridges specifically designed for those machines will not work.  You’re paying more for the VariQuest name & much more for the supplies.

Know what you are buying:

The VariQuest 2400 is one of HP’s lowest end priced printers designed for small home office use. VariQuest® charges more than HP for the same printer including ink cartridges, paper, print heads, etc. The ink refills for the VariQuest® Perfecta 2400 Design System are the same size as the cartridges you use with your desktop printer but the amount of printing is about 3 times the width (8.5″ Vs 24″).  You’ll go through a tremendous amount of ink and pay even more for it through VariQuest® Not only are the they the smallest size for a wide format printer but the most expensive too. You’ll pay a whopping $1.38 cents per ML for ink with this printer or $39.00 for a 29 ML cartridge.  That’s more than what you pay for the ink you put in your desktop printer.   And, it’s almost 4 times the cost of just one 110 Ml ink cartridge for our Education Pro Color Poster Maker – see below.   And that’s just the ink cartridges!  See for yourself – know what your buying and download our Comparison Sheet today

Bright White Paper Co offers discounted pricing on VariQuest 2400 ink cartridges and media.


VariQuest Perfecta STP printers.  These printers are HP T830 printers series.  What’s unique – built in wide format scanners.  Typically used with architectural and engineering firms allowing them to scan in wide format drawings.

First, wide format scanners are expensive.  You’re paying a lot extra to have that feature  affiliated with your printer so you have to ask yourself, how much scanning will I be doing?  Actually, how much wide format scanning will I be doing?  Wide format printers operate through computers which of course allow you to attach any size scanners you wish.  Do you really need a 24″  wide scanner when most of what you scan will be 8 1/2″ x 11″ documents?  Many schools have copy machines with scanner functionality already.

Second, and most important, the ink again.  These printers accept various size cartridges to help reduce ink costs.  Through VariQuest only 69 ML cartridges @ $69.00 a cartridge or $1.00 a ML.  Again, very expensive.  HP brand ink designed to work with these machines won’t work.  Some customers are furious with VarQuest and will no longer support their products.  This isn’t our opinion, this is the opinion of some of their customers who have told us this.  


VariQuest 2510 Cold Laminator.


Select this link for information on why the VariQuest Perfecta 3600 STP is not the best choice printer for you.


The VariQuest® Perfecta 2400 uses 4 ink cartridges that hold only 29 ml for colors (Cyan, Magenta and Yellow) and 80 ML for the Black cartridge. You’ll pay $39.95 for each for the 29 ML cartridges and $79.95 for the 80 ML. These are the same size cartridges you put in your desktop inkjet printer and priced at $1.38 cents per ML for the 29 ML cartridges and $1.00 per ML for the Black.  Compare our Education Pro Color Poster Maker that uses 5 cartridges @ 110 ML each for only $69.95 per cartridge or $.63 per ML.  You need almost 4 VariQuest® Perfecta ink cartridges  (29 ML x 4 = 116 Ml or $159.80)  to equal just one for the Education Pro Color Poster Makers.


If your on a budget, the VariQuest® Perfecta 2400 Design System is NOT the system you want!


Education Pro Color Poster Maker

If your school is considering a color printer, consider the Education Pro Color Poster Maker by Epson.

As School Poster Makers go, the Education Pro is a professional printer but it’s so easy top us! Consider – waterproof inks, permanent print heads, the fastest printer in its class, print quality as high as 2440 x 1440, a printer that uses only 5 ink cartridges with three different sizes (some of the least expensive) and the ability to print on canvas, vinyl even poster board.  Did we mention how easy it is to operate. 


Our base package comes loaded with everything to get started including design software with over 16,000 templates and free shipping right to your door.  Select this link to Compare the Education Pro Vs the VariQuest® Perfecta 2400 Design System printer.   Price wise, choose from 3 different packages designed to work with any school’s budget – our Base Package, Plug N Play or Create Your Own Package by adding the accessories you want AND can afford.  If your school doesn’t need another computer, why be forced to buy one?  Select this link to the Education Pro Color Poster Maker by Epson.  

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Sample posters and the cost to print with the Education Pro Color Poster Maker


Golf Club $2.21

Golf Club $2.21

Science Fair $2.09

Science Fair $2.09

Pee Wee Football $2.45

Pee Wee Football $2.45

Multiplication $1.45

Multiplication $1.45














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