Poster Maker Hard Cases for Shipping and Travel

We now offers hard cases for shipping or traveling with your poster printers.  Available in two different sizes for the smaller 23″ version – the ProImage®, ProImage® Plus and Plus 3000 models & the 36″ version –  ProImage® Xl, XL 3000  and the Variquest™ Poster Maker 3600’s.

The smaller cases do offer telescoping handles and hardened wheels for easy transportation.   Xl & Variquest version does not come with a telescoping handles (handles are attached to both ends- see pictures above)) but does include hardened wheels.

Poster Maker Travel Cases

Normal Pricing
Multiple Cases
Discount Pricing
For Varitronics® ProImage & ProImage Plus models & Fujifilm Plus 3000 poster printer models
Call for pricing 3 or more
For Varitronics ProImage XL Poster Printer, Fujifilm XL 3000 & Variquest Poster Maker 3600
Call for pricing 3 or more