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We offer Poster Printers and Poster Makers from Varitronics®, Fujifilm® and VariQuest®

For the past 18 years we have been offering refurbished poster printers and poster makers – ProImage® series, Plus 3000 series even the VariQuest® Poster Maker 3600 models.  Our customers save $1000’s on their printers and all our poster makers come with 6 month warranties and unlimited phone support.  New Poster Makers can cost $1000’s of dollars more and the technology is similar from machine version to version.


Most poster printer models are sold under the names ProImage®, ProImage® Plus, ProImage® XL, ProImage® Plus 3000, XL 3000 and Poster Maker 3600.  These wide format Direct Thermal Printers  (accept 23″, 29″ or 36″ widths) use a built-in scanner to enlarge small documents into presentation materials.  Instead of ink cartridges, thermal printers have print heads that heat up when activated.  The coated paper rolls are heat sensitive (we offer 30 different colors of poster paper) and when the heated head comes in contact with the paper, the coating reacts by inking or imaging usually in a Black on Blue ink.  


Using the printers are easy.  Just take any 8 1/2″ x 11″ document, slide it into the built-in scanner and within approximately 70 seconds or less that image is reproduced.  Scan in one color or full color documents, even photographs.  Our refurbished printers have been sold to schools, colleges, universities, demonstrative attorneys, emergency management, government, military, quick signs, etc.  These are tremendous tools that can create signage and displays in just about one minute by using just a roll of paper – no ink or toner. 


All refurbished poster printer models come with a six month head to toe warranty (warranty does not include the cutter).  An additional six month warranty or one year total is available for only $99 more.  With the purchase of any printer you will be required to buy at least six or more rolls.  Please select this link to see our poster paper colors  and poster paper prices or select a printer above for more information on that system.  Feel free to call us at 800-321-5716 for more information and pricing.


Bright White Paper Co. is not a dealer or is affiliated with Varitronics® or VariQuest®


Please Note: All the poster printers on this page are direct thermal one color systems. Select this link for Full Color Poster Makers.