The fastest and most convenient way to laminate your document is to use Xyron 2500. Xyron 2500 can laminate documents up to 25” in width. With Xyron 2500, even students can safely laminate posters easily. There is no electricity consumption and no chance of burns.

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There are a variety of reasons why cold laminators are superior to hot laminators. Cold laminators do not consume electricity. They do not emit heat or the noxious smell often associated with hot laminators.  They produce a wrinkle-free final product and are easily trimmed without the issue of separations. This means that even if you cut a circle, your project will remain laminated, due to the adhesive plus pressure process of cold lamination. This also means that these machines are built to LAST! They are rugged and have minimal moving parts. They are made to be used consistently for years on end. When you are ready to laminate, so is your machine! There is no warm-up required. Fast, efficient, and quality are what the Xyron 2500 is all about. It is the perfect poster protector!

Features of Xyron 2500

  • Consumers have the choice of one-side laminate, double-side laminate, single-side laminate with adhesive back, adhesive only, high-tack and repositionable adhesive for their documents.
  • Capable of laminating documents up to 25’’ in width.
  • There is no need to warm up the machine to laminate projects. Simply insert the paper into the front of the Xyron 2500 until it touches the laminate, hand crank through at your comfort speed, and slice through with the cutter bar.
  • Xyron laminates are non-toxic & acid-free, making them not only safe but environmentally friendly as well! They are the perfect choice for photos as well.
  • Cold laminators are economical as they require no electricity to work.
  • The built-in cutter at the back of the Xyron 2500 laminator makes trimming posters a breeze with a simple & clean horizontal slice that is extremely easy to use.
  • Heat-sensitive thermal papers can also be laminated as there is no heat emission in cold laminators However, thermal papers do require a specific laminate called DL-404 to ensure clear results as this laminate was specifically manufactured for use with thermal paper products. And YES! We do gladly offer DL-404 double-sided laminate!

In addition to cold laminators, we at Bright White Paper Co. also offer Xyron supplies that complement the machines such as our custom-made spinner trays, display products to

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