Xyron 4400 is the most advanced variant of cold laminators. While it is still considered ‘cold’ this one does require electricity to put the laminate rolls in motion due to the overall weight of the large rolls. It operates the same as the smaller versions, only with the extra help of a motor, and not a hand-crank operation. You are now able to laminate LARGE! This size is capable of producing banners, large-scale visual supports, special event signage, gymnasium statistics for athletic accomplishments, life-size adhesive images, and so much more!

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Let’s have a look at some prominent aspects of the Xyron 4400 cold laminator:

  • Uses 38″ & 42 1/2″ wide laminate rolls.
  • Includes a FREE rolling cart for ease of movement from one place to other and maneuverability while laminating projects.
  • Performs double-sided lamination, single-sided with adhesive back and adhesive-only roll options.
  • High-pressure rolls produce a secure laminated product that won’t fray when cut.

Bright White Paper Co. is a proud supplier of the Xyron 4400 and Xyron brand supplies.

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