Cold Laminator 25″ Wide Spinner Tray

Cold Laminator 25″ Wide Spinner Tray


Product Description

Spinner-for-2500-002Spinner-w-Lam1Laminator Spinner Tray Platform allows you to place your 25″ wide (or 24″) cold laminator in one place and spin it easily 360° degrees. Hand made platform with a sturdy table and designed to accept up to 500 lbs. Spinner helps save space and makes loading and operating the machine simple and easy. Fits the following cold laminators: Xyron 2500, 3M and Scotch LS 1050 Brand cold laminators, Variquest 2510, Varitronics ProFinish, CoolLam & eCool Cold Laminators

Additional information

Weight17 lbs
Dimensions35 × 29 × 4 in


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