VariColor Poster Maker Supplies

If your school or business owns a VariColor wide format color poster printer aka Learn On Demand, ColorPro  or Canon color printer,  you’ll find our supplies – paper rolls and refill ink cartridges to be substantially discounted.  If the school also owns a cold laminator or CoolLam, our laminate sets will save you a lot more than what you’re paying now.  Quite often dealers selling Canon and HP color printers into the education markets, place their company’s sticker over the name brand and call themselves an exclusive dealer. Many times customers substantially over pay for their supplies (see the chart below) thinking the products are sole source.   Not true!

Bright White Paper Co is a paper company offering a wide selection of paper rolls and banner materials for large or wide format School Color Poster Makers from 24″ to 60″ wide including the VariColor poster maker.  The basics are listed below and can be used in most school color  printers along with the brands or names above.  Please note that some dealers private label name brand printers.

Canon System:  The following private label machines are all Canon brand printers and can use any of the paper rolls and the list of ink cartridges below: ColorPro, Learn On Demand®, eColor, VariColor, Educator Plus

HP Systems: The following private label machines are HP brand  printers and can use any of the paper rolls in the chart below: VariQuest™  Perfecta™ 2400, PosterPro and others.

Paper Basics: Paper is typically sold by the weight and the finish.  A 20 lb bond is the least expensive and lightest weight.  At Bright White Paper Co., our base paper is a 24 lb. coated paper, heavier in weight and designed to accept more ink than 20 lb. bond.  The more ink your Learn On Demand® printer uses, the better the quality of paper you will have to use.   If not, the paper will absorb the ink and never be able to dry.  Lastly, using a lesser expensive paper and laminating it  (if that is your intention) will typically provide a gloss finish which overall is still less expensive than purchasing Gloss Finish paper. For displaying your posters, consider using our Easyboards, re usable display & presentation boards.  

Another option to consider  when saving money on paper rolls is to start with a colored background which helps save money on ink.  Our Starting Bright Paper™ rolls will save you money by starting with a background color rather than a white sheet.  Starting Bright Paper comes in a variety of colors including bright yellow, green, orange or red backgrounds.

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Remember, if you need help, you can always call us. Just let us know which printer you are using and what you are trying to accomplish.

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