Why would you buy a proprietary laminator with sole source supplies?

You’ll pay more for the laminator AND a lot more for your cold lamination refills. 

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Xyron is the manufacturer of most cold laminators and third parties machines for companies like Varitronics® / VariQuest® and 3M / Scotch. The VariQuest® 2510 is another proprietary laminator (The ProFinish® 24″ machine is the first rendition) virtually identical to Xyron’s own 25″ wide cold laminator called the  2500. They’re both 25″ wide lamination systems and the laminate film is IDENTICAL. The BIG difference – the VariQuest® 2510 laminate end caps are narrower than the end caps of the 2500 making it proprietary & a sole source product. This means customers who own the 2510 systems end up paying more for the identical laminate used in the Xyron 2500 by $50 or more set based on Bright White Paper Co’s 2500 laminate prices.    


Before you make a decision to purchase a 2510 cold laminator from VariQuest®, select the link below to compare laminator and laminate refills costs.  Bright White Paper Co is Xyron’s largest education dealer in the U.S.  Why would you want to pay more for your cold lamination system than you need to? 

select this link to  Stop Overpaying for your VariQuest® 2510 Laminate


If the school already owns a VariQuest® Cold Laminator 2510, the good news is we can still help.  Call us at 800-321-5716 or select the link above and we’ll save you as much as $50 a laminate set Vs. VariQuest® 2510 pricing you’ve been paying.  Plus, get bigger savings on quantity purchases and a selection of laminate choices not available from VariQuest® besides just double-sided laminate like single sided laminate, single sided laminate with adhesive backs and adhesive backs only.  Call us today to start saving.


Cold Laminator Spinner Tray for 25″ wide laminators  

 Click Here to see our 25″ Cold Laminator Spinner Tray Allows you to spin your laminator 360 degrees with just a finger.  Spin your machine around to the back to load laminate, to the front to set up the laminate and load originals and to the side to operate your laminator.  Spinner Trays are all hand-made and make your life a lot easier when trying to move around an 85 lb. machine filled with laminate.

Visit our video page for 25″ cold laminator demos, laminate loading and more. 


Bright White Paper Co is not a dealer or has any affiliation with Varitronics® or Variquest®