Velcro® Lined Easyboards

Easyboards are re usable display and presentation boards that eliminate the need for laminating or dry mounting your information.  Create your signage or displays on paper, peel the flexible plastic front from the rigid back, slide your original in and re seal.  Just 10 seconds or less!  When you’re done, slide out the original, and slide in another.

Easyboards are green tools that make life easy.  By creating your signage or displays on paper, you can change your materials on demand in just seconds and for a lot less money.  Trade show displays, presentations, attorney and courtroom exhibits, table top displays and meeting signs – just create your messages on paper and display in just 10 seconds or less.

Instead of dry mounting presentations or meeting signs and using them just once, an Easyboard is designed to be re used again and again.  All Easyboards are hand made and last for years with proper care.   Covers are hand silk screened on the backside so they never chip or scratch up from the front side.  All Velcro® or magnetic linings are hand laid and last for 1000’s of changes.  And all nine sizes from 8 1/2″ x 11″  to our jumbo 36″ x 48″ sizes are light weight so displaying them is simple.  Display an Easyboard on easels, attach double sided tape, Velcro or magnetic strips to the backs, drill through them, zip tie them to columns and posts, even use real estate H stands to display outside.

We also offer Easyboard add ons such as carrying cases,  grommets for hanging, cardboard easels or an extra attachment for H stands to display the boards both portrait or landscape.  Custom color borders instead of just a black frame are also available and take a look at our new color branded boards.  Market your company or products all the time while changing your messages on demand.

You can purchase Easyboards either single or double sided (covers on both front and back) as well as purchase just covers only in either a Velcro® lining or magnetic lining for cloth or metal walls.  And if you ruin the cover or the back, we can replace everything separately – no need to buy full boards.  Easyboards can also be written on and wiped clean with specific markers.

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Purchase Easyboards with Velcro® lining.  Covers are completely removable

For more information you can visit our Easyboard website. Please Note:  Because of overcharging issues, when ordering any Easyboard products on our website, shipping rates will automatically come up TBD  (To Be Determined).  Because of certain size and weight requirements of UPS and unique packaging of this product, we feel we can provide a more accurate shipping rate than our shopping cart calculations.  If you need a shipping amount before placing your order, feel free to either email us at [email protected] or call us at 800-321-5716.  If not, place the order as normal and we will contact you ahead of shipping with the correct amount.  If you are ordering multiple products, the other product shipping amounts will show.  TBD will only show up with Easyboards and related Easyboard products.  We are sorry for the inconvenience however this process will provide the correct pricing. 

Velcro Lined Easyboard Pricing

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