The original Education Pro Color Poster Maker! Epson models T3270, T5270, and T7270. These products are compatible with these poster makers.

This version has been upgraded to our new ‘Education Pro ELITE Poster Maker’ and is no longer available.

We will continue to carry all of the supplies shown below for current owners of the original!

This poster maker enhanced educators for over 10 years and is still operational in thousands of schools!

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The Education Pro Color Poster Maker by EPSON is used for printing beautiful, full-color, banners, posters, yard signs, school visual supports, and MORE!

Waterproof inks

High-quality, fade-resistant & archival quality inks eliminate the need to laminate the print. Your prints will last indoors indefinitely without fading.

Permanent print-heads

No need to adjust or replace the print heads over and over in the Original Education Pro Color Poster Maker. The printer has permanent print heads- which are designed to last.

Customizable templates

Easy-to-use software was included with an initial purchase of the Original Ed Pro with over 28,000 customizable templates increases productivity and design ideas. CANVA and ADOBE both offer wonderful, easy-to-use design platforms that have subscriptions FREE to educators, as well as cost-effective options for business professionals. Create a unique and new design every time you operate the printer.

Unlimited poster supplies

Bright White Paper continues to provide our customers with all of the supplies for the Original poster maker. The inkjet paper rolls, inkjet cartridges, adhesive back polypropylene rolls, canvas, photo papers, Tyvek, and all other supplies are still available!