Epson Wide Format Printer Inkjet Inks

What are Ultrachrome inks?

Ultrachrome ink is a suspension of pigment particles in a carrier fluid. They are vibrant, high-quality, scratch-resistant colors for professional-level exhibitions. They produce crisp, precision lines and detailed prints of your desired image.

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Epson Inks Unlimited applications.

The Epson inks do not just produce beautiful posters and banners. Still, they are also used for enlarged photos, map rendering, architectural designs, and indoor & outdoor directional and event signs.

Smudge and fade resistance

Inks are aqueous-based, water-proof, and archival quality.

The Epson UltraChrome inks are smudge, fade, and water resistant. These inks are specifically designed to last. When used with higher-quality media, such as vinyl or indoor banner material, you can expect your visuals to last even longer! All individual ink cartridges are available in 110ml,350ml, and 700ml sizes.

Education Pro Elite UltraChrome XD3 Inks

Compatible with SureColor T7770D, T5770D, T3770D Poster Makers

The six colors included are:

  • Cyan
  • Magenta
  • Yellow
  • Photo black
  • Matte black
  • Red*

*The new red Epson UltraChrome XD3 Ink Cartridge for the Education Pro ELITE, is the sixth cartridge for this new line. This addition of red ink enhances the vibrancy and Pantone (color) matching of high-quality prints.

  • 110 mL inks

EPE110CY – Cyan

EPE110MA – Magenta

EPE110PB – Photo Black

EPE110MB – Matte Black

EPE110YE – Yellow

EPE110RE – Red

  • 350 mL inks

EPE350CY -Cyan

EPE350MA -Magenta

EPE350PB -Photo Black

EPE350MB -Matte Black

EPE350YE -Yellow

EPE350RE -Red

  • 700 mL inks

EPE700CY -Cyan

EPE700MA -Magenta

EPE700PB -Photo Black

EPE700MB -Matte Black

EPE700YE -Yellow

EPE700RE -Red

Education Pro Deluxe UltraChrome XD2 Inks

Compatible with SureColor T3475 and T5475 Education Pro Deluxe Poster Makers

The four colors included are:

  • Cyan
  • Magenta
  • Yellow
  • Matte black

Compatible Inks

  • 110 mL ink

EPD110C – Cyan

EPD110Ma – Magenta

EPD110Y – Yellow

EPD110Bl – Black

  • 350 mL ink

EPD350C – Cyan

EPD350Ma – Magenta

EPD350Y – Yellow

EPD350Bl – Black

  • 700 mL ink

EP700DC – Cyan

EPD700Ma – Magenta

EPD700Y – Yellow

EPD700Bl – Black

Education Pro ORIGINAL Inks

Compatible with SureColor T3270 T5270 and T7270 Education Pro Color Poster Makers

The five colors included are:

  • Cyan
  • Magenta
  • Yellow
  • Matte black
  • Photo black

Compatible Inks

  • For 110 mL ink

EPI110MB01 – Matte Black

EPI110PB01 – Photo Black

EPI110Ma01 – Magenta

EPI110Ye01 – Yellow

EPI110Cy01 – Cyan

  • For 350 mL ink

EPI350MB01 – Matte Black

EPI350PB01 – Photo Black

EPI350Ma01 – Magenta

EPI350Ye01 – Yellow

EPI350Cy01 – Cyan

  • For 700 mL ink

EPI700MB01 – Matte Black

EPI700PB01 – Photo Black

EPI700Ma01 – Magenta

EPI700Ye01 – Yellow

EPI700Cy01 – Cyan