Increase your productivity and learning capabilities by using our new Education Pro Deluxe Poster Maker. Precise lines, crisp text, and outstanding graphics are promising features of the Deluxe series printers. Integrated wireless plus, router-free, Wi-Fi Direct® printing allows you to work and print from multiple locations on campuses and office locations.

What’s new for the Education Pro Deluxe Poster Maker?

The difference between Original, Elite, and Deluxe poster makers lies in their working speed, dual roll vs. single roll, embedded Adobe Print Engine, assembly required or fully supported, cost per mL of ink, number of ink cartridges, style of media loading and materials they are capable of printing on.

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The distinguishing features of the Deluxe Poster Maker are:

  • Powerful workgroup printing. Produce accurate A1/D-size prints.
  • High-speed printing. Images can be printed in 20-25 seconds.
  • Advanced technological features.
  • Precision Droplet Control produces outstanding graphics, precise lines, and crisp text.
  • Ability to print on; standard & heavy-weight papers, polypropylene, Tyvek, & matte photo paper.
  • Next-generation UltraChrome® XD2 archival pigment ink technology.

Wireless printing

The Education Pro Deluxe Poster Maker can print documents via a PC, Smartphones, and tablets through Wi-Fi, eliminating the need to be hard-wired from one computer directly to the poster maker.

Exceptional print quality

Durable, vibrant prints with outstanding image quality! Vivid and bold color prints create content that is visually appealing and engaging for students.

Compact and robust design

The Education Pro Deluxe includes a sturdy base stand with wheels to easily pivot the machine as needed or to move it from one location to another. The catch basket ensures that your creations are kept neatly placed until you are ready to use them.