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Cold Laminator & Poster Paper

We’ve been a customer of Bright White Paper Company for several years and buy poster paper and laminate from them. For years we have had the Xyron 2500 cold laminator that Bright White Paper sells, and we love it because it’s so easy to use. Everyone who brings things in to laminate is amazed at how quick and easy it is. The machine doesn’t have to heat up, and it’s fast and user-friendly. I’ve always been very impressed with Bright White’s customer service. Everyone is courteous, helpful, and they will bend over backwards to make things just right.

If you are looking for a company that really cares, then look no further than the Bright White Paper Company.




5 stars 5 stars By Monica M, Teacher Resource Center (for 18 school districts)
Written on July 21, 2015

Cold Laminator & Variquest Poster Paper

I began looking on the internet for a laminating machine a couple of years ago for our middle school. I didn’t know a lot about laminators and wasn’t sure if I wanted a hot laminator or a cold laminator.  I called a couple of companies to do some fact finding, and one of them was Bright White Paper Company. Rick got on the phone with me and spent a great deal of time educating me about the options. I didn’t buy right away but, instead, checked out what he had told me, and it was all true. I was impressed with how upfront and honest he was then and has always been with me. We bought a cold laminator from him, and since then our school has also purchased poster paper for our Variquest printer at a very good price from Bright White. I have recommended the company to other school districts and will continue doing so.



5 stars 5 stars By Laura P, Secretary to the Principal in a middle school in Dutchess County, New York
Written on June 1, 2015


We started doing business with Bright White Paper Co. because we needed a particular size Easyboard that we couldn’t find anywhere else. We bought 100 boards for our production floor, and they were just what we wanted. I was very pleased with the customer service we received at Bright White Paper Co. There was an error on our part with our order, and Rick was very nice about helping us straighten it out. We are a benchmark site for other Honeywell facilities and I will definitely be recommending Bright White Paper Co. to them.



5 stars 5 stars By Beck Carman, Lead Materials Coordinator Honeywell
Written on May 29, 2015


Our hotel has done business with Bright White Paper Co. for about five years. We’ve bought 40 or 50 Easyboards in a variety of sizes over the years. We’re a conference center and use the boards every day for meetings and events, for signage such as posters and directions.

I like the Easyboards because they’re quick, you don’t have to mount the poster, and they save ink, since you don’t have to print a border.

It’s always easy to order from Bright White Paper Co., and in the rare cases that I’ve had an issue, they’ve taken care of it immediately.

I would recommend Bright White to all my conference contacts in the area.



5 stars 5 stars By Kim Mullen, Sales Manager The Desmond Hotel, Malvern, PA
Written on May 29, 2015

Great Job, Thanks so much for your support.

We were having problems with an older poster printer model we own.  Our previous dealer said they could not help and we would have to spend $1000’s upgrading to a new machine. I contacted Rick at Bright White Paper Co. finding him from their website. Not only did he help me fix it over the phone, but their poster paper prices have saved us $100’s allowing us to buy a cold laminator too! Thanks for all your good work.



5 stars 5 stars By Sarah H. South Carolina
Written on Mar 19, 2015

All These Colors

Our School has operated various poster printers models including Chart Printers and now with our Variquest Poster Maker 3600. Not only was our dealer prices for our poster maker paper very expensive, they only had a few colors to choose from. Now we have 30 choices. We love the your Blue on Pastel Green and Black on Purple. Thanks Bright White!


5 stars 5 stars By Maria, Los Angeles Unified Schools
Written on Feb 26, 2015

Poster Maker Help

No one could fix our poster printer and our district would not pay for a new printer. Not only is the printer working like new, we love your all the poster paper colors.


5 stars 5 stars By Julie B. NYC
Written on Jan 05, 2015

We love our Easyboard

Easyboards have made a huge difference with our courtroom procedures. We used to send out all our presentation work and pay outrageous amounts for dry mounting or worse spray glue materials on Gator board. We are so glad we found Easyboards. Now we have our presentations created on paper and slide them ourselves into our boards. When we’re done, roll the paper up and store them in mailing tubes. It’s faster and so, so, much cheaper. Now when my attorneys need something, I can respond almost immediately. Great product! Thanks Rick.



5 stars 5 stars By Nancy S. District Attorney’s Office
Written on Apr 14, 2013

Starting Bright Paper Colors save on ink costs

Our school recently invested in a Canon color printer and boy were we naive. We didn’t realize how expensive the ink costs were. With the Starting Bright Paper rolls, we print our signage on different color backgrounds without all the ink. You even offer a red background, one of our school colors. Great product. It really looks great. We have recommended it to other schools in our area.



5 stars 5 stars By Melissa, school secretary, TN
Written on Feb 21, 2013

VariQuest End Caps

Rick, We are so pleased with the paper purchase from your company.  We love the colors and the caps work as promised.  You did not disappoint us in any way and you exceeded our expectations.  We look forward to doing business again in the future. Thank You.



5 stars 5 stars By Dept of Social Services, California
Written on Mar 28, 2012

Easyboards & Poster Printer, A Great Solution

Bright White Paper Co.’s products really caught our eye at a trade show in March of 2015. We were particularly impressed with the many ways we could use the Easyboards, and with the thermal printer that had such a variety of colored paper options. We like being able to make signs much bigger than our copier can do and having thermal paper in several bright colors to coordinate with our “tribes.” Each “tribe” is a particular group of campers, each group with its own color. The Easyboards are rugged. They get a lot of abuse – they sometimes get knocked over, rained on, stepped on – but they still last. We make new signs every day – Carnival Day, Corporate Picnic, Parking Lot Closed, Sign In Here – and being able to make our own signs saves us a lot of money. Before we could make our own signs we might have to spend as much as $50-$100 on a commercially-made large temporary sign.

5 stars 5 stars By Brian, Assistant Director, Day Camp, North Brunswick, NJ

Education Pro Color Poster Maker

Our school needed 32  -24 x 36 posters – one for each classroom. We looked into having them professionally printed and laminated and discovered that we could buy the Education Pro Poster Maker from Bright White Paper Co., make and laminate the posters ourselves with the cold laminator we already had from Bright White and still save money.  It made sense to buy the printer, which I really like. I was surprised at how quickly it can crank out a poster and what nice print quality it has. It’s easy to use, and the controls are very straightforward.

Bright White Paper Co. is one of the best vendors I deal with. They sell good products at a good price and deliver and bill what they say they will.  I feel I get very good value for the money we spend with them.


5 stars 5 stars By Bill, Technology Coordinator,  School, Columbus, Ohio