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“I would like to take the time to show great appreciation for Bright White Paper Co. After dealing with other companies and experiencing a lack of customer support, my spirits and expectations were pretty low in terms of what I would get once I bought a product. Oftentimes, once a school has made a purchase, that is all the company needs to do to “get ya”. Hook, line, and sinker-purchase complete-transaction finished. But that leaves much to be desired on the consumer end. This is also a reason why these companies get a one time purchase and not a continued relationship with the consumer. Sometimes you just need to speak to someone who understands what you are going through and who will get you the best deals for quality products. This is the feature that keeps me coming back to Bright White Paper. I have called countless times to ask questions and get assistance. Never have I been made to feel ignorant or been passed off to someone who would just appease my question until I ultimately figured the answers out for myself. I am always able to speak to someone who can work out a deal for me or troubleshoot the process until I can successfully use the product I ordered. I have even stated the dollar amount I am able to spend and the company salespeople always give me multiple options to accomodate my varying budget. Not to mention they are some of the nicest people around. That is saying a lot, especially because I am from the south and our expectations are pretty high up there when it comes to southern hospitality!  So I will continue to champion business for this awesome company, because I know they have my back-so I’ll always be back!”

Ashley L. Ducote M. Ed.

Assistant Principal

Bunkie Elementary School

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“Quick, easy, simple. Fast reply. Thank you. ”

LaVaila, TX ISD

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“I was already coming to this company with good reviews and recommendations from others. Macy was a perfect example of why this company was recommended — Macy was very helpful and quick with providing me quotes! ”

Marlene, Albuquerque Public Schools

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Great savings on ink costs!

Our school recently invested in a Canon color printer and boy were we naive. We didn’t realize how expensive the ink costs were. With the Starting Bright Paper rolls, we print our signage on different color backgrounds without all the ink. You even offer a red background, one of our school colors. Great product. It really looks great. We have recommended it to other schools in our area.

Melissa, school secretary, TN

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Loving Easyboards

We started doing business with Bright White Paper Co. because we needed a particular size Easyboard that we couldn’t find anywhere else. We bought 100 boards for our production floor, and they were just what we wanted. I was very pleased with the customer service we received at Bright White Paper Co. There was an error on our part with our order, and Rick was very nice about helping us straighten it out. We are a benchmark site for other Honeywell facilities and I will definitely be recommending Bright White Paper Co. to them.

Beck Carman, Lead Materials Coordinator Honeywell

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Great Job, Thanks so much for your support.

We were having problems with an older poster printer model we own.  Our previous dealer said they could not help and we would have to spend $1000’s upgrading to a new machine. I contacted Rick at Bright White Paper Co. finding him from their website. Not only did he help me fix it over the phone, but their poster paper prices have saved us $100’s allowing us to buy a cold laminator too! Thanks for all your good work.

Sarah H. South Carolina

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Poster Maker Help

No one could fix our poster printer and our district would not pay for a new printer. Not only is the printer working like new, we love your all the poster paper colors.

Julie B. NYC

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“Fast and friendly”


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