About Us

Bright White Paper Co. is recognized in the industry as an innovator, manufacturer, distributor and discounter of products dedicated to helping businesses and organizations self-print and display economical, on-demand signage.

The owners are a husband and wife, Kevin and Chelsea Hoffman. “The best way to enjoy the work you do,” says Chelsea “is by finding the good in each day. My favorite part of the job is when our customers discover the ‘Ah-ha!’ moment, and they realize what they can create with our products. The creative process is the most exciting aspect”

In business since 1998, Bright White Paper Co. began by filling a unique need for colored thermal paper but has expanded into other areas related to signage and printing.

The company holds two patents for economically color coating thermal paper, enabling it to provide a nearly infinite number of color choices. Bright White Paper Co. is one of only two companies in the world offering colored thermal poster paper and has the world’s largest selection of colored thermal paper.

Products and Services

Over the years the core colored thermal poster paper business has endured, but the company has expanded into other areas:

  • Easyboards® – reusable display boards that eliminate the need for dry mounting or laminating.
  • Inkjet poster printing machines – Bright White Paper Co. sells its Pro Color Poster maker to businesses and educational institutions throughout the U.S.
  • Large format inkjet paper and specialty medias.
  • Cold laminating machines that require no electricity.

Our products are sold around the world to a variety of customers including schools, emergency managers, government agencies, the military, attorneys, Realtors, hotels, restaurants, event planners, and fairs and festivals.

Our Core Value's

We focus on several core values for our business:


We treat people with respect. This includes our customers, employees, and vendors. We never forget that without our customers, we don’t have a business. We sell products our customers find useful due to their on-demand benefits, such as being able to make and laminate immediate on-site signage. We look at ‘green’ options whenever possible, including our Easyboards® and cold laminators.


We are committed to excellence. This includes our unparalleled customer service. We strive to offer the highest quality products with the biggest selection and best prices anywhere.

Work hard play hard

We work hard and have fun! While issues happen, work should be enjoyable. Whether it is interacting with our customers, employees, or vendors, we should always have a smile on our face.

Customer service is our priority. If you have any questions, please ask. Orders can be phoned in, faxed, emailed, purchased on our website, on Amazon, eBay and Google.  We ship many products the same day and seldom more than 24 hours after receiving an order.

We love our customers and take good care of them. We hope to make you a customer, too. If you have questions, we encourage you to call: 800-321-5716.