30 different colors of poster printer paper.

If you’re not buying your poster paper rolls from us, you’re overpaying.

For over 18 years Bright White Paper Co has been manufacturing poster printer paper rolls, repairing older printers, & selling newer poster printers models. We are Varitronics® / Variquest®’s  only competitor in the world.  We offer a selection of 30 different colors, 25 of which are sole source.  All our poster paper colors are discounted compared to Varitronics® & their dealers by as much as $25 per roll. See why 1000’s of schools, government, military, colleges, universities and businesses around the world buy their paper from us. Call us if you have questions, we’re glad to help.

Having poster printer problems? Give us a call to troubleshoot! We have spare parts available today.

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