Cricut AutoPress Educator Bundle


Elevate your crafting game with the Cricut AutoPress Educator Bundle, centered around the powerful Cricut AutoPress Professional Heat Press. This heat press is your key to achieving flawless heat transfers for custom apparel, home decor, and more. Craft with precision and confidence, thanks to its adjustable heat settings and even pressure distribution, ensuring professional-quality results every time. Complementing the heat press, the kit includes premium Cricut Smart Iron-On materials in white, black, glitter gold, yellow, and red, allowing you to create vibrant and lasting designs. Designed for crafters of all skill levels, from adults to teens and young adults, this kit offers versatile crafting possibilities. Adult supervision is recommended for younger users, making it an ideal choice for families and individuals looking to take their crafting to the next level. Order your Cricut AutoPress Educator Bundle today and unlock the potential of professional-quality crafting.

About the Cricut AutoPress:

Cricut Autopress has a ceramic-coated heat plate and Zero Effort operation to easily close the machine. It features an auto-release when the pressing cycle is complete as well as an auto-adjust mechanism for materials up to 2″ thick, plus top-down pressing so materials do not shift. Ideal for iron-on, infusible ink, and sublimation projects, the Autopress reaches temperatures up to 400°F. Safety features include auto-off after 13 minutes of inactivity, certified temperature-rated plastics, and multi-voltage power supple for worldwide use.

Cricut AutoPress Educator Bundle – What’s Included:

  • Cricut AutoPress – Professional Heat Press
  • Cricut Smart Iron-On (9 ft) – White
  • Cricut Smart Iron-On (9 ft) – Black
  • Cricut Smart Iron-On Glitter (3 ft) – Gold
  • Cricut Smart Iron-On (3 ft) – Yellow
  • Cricut Smart Iron-On (3 ft) – Red
  • Cricut Strong Heat Resistant Tape
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