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Poster Paper for the Variquest Poster Maker 3600 Wide Format Inkjet Paper & Mylar Rolls Starting Bright Paper Rolls

The Bright White Paper Co. has been around since 1998 and manufacturer’s poster paper rolls in colored backgrounds, Starting Bright Paper rolls and Easyboard reusable display boards.  We also distribute the Education Pro Color Poster Maker by Epson (SureColor T series wide format printer), large format inkjet media and the Xyron laminating machine.

Save big! We sell refurbished Varitronics Poster Maker & Fujifilm poster printers and offer poster printer repair for older and newer poster makers.  We have thousands of customers worldwide that depend on our products and expertise including schools, school districts, government, military, colleges and universities, businesses, health departments and more. 

Our new Education Pro Color Poster Maker from Epson is a tremendous tool and has been incredibly popular with schools and businesses interested in printing in full color. These printers are not only extremely economical to operate but use only waterproof inks. Display any poster or banner indoors or outdoors without laminating or fear the ink will run. It prints on all types of media including canvas, vinyl, a multitude of different types of papers, even poster board.  It accepts just 5 ink cartridges rather than 6 for other machines and cartridges come in 3 different sizes, 110 ml, 350 ml and 700 ml.  The larger the cartridge used, the greater the savings.

Customer service is major priority for us and if you have questions about any of our products, please ask. Orders can be phoned in, faxed, emailed, with our shopping cart on our website, even on Amazon.  We ship most products same day or within 24 hours of receiving it. 

We take good care of our customers which is why on an average we continue to get at least one new customer every day.  Thanks for finding us. Call Bright White Paper Co at 800-321-5716.