Discounted supplies and refills for Variquest products

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Variquest® Poster Maker 3600 Poster Paper Rolls

Variquest_Poster Maker 3600

The Variquest® Poster Maker 3600 is a thermal poster maker and part of the family of poster printers from Varitronics® including the following printers: ProImage, ProImage Plus, ProImage Xl, Plus 300 and XL 3000.  We offer discounted poster paper rolls for all the poster printers listed including the Variquest® Poster Maker 3600.  We are the only competitor of Varitronics in the world offering a greater selection of poster paper colors – 30 total, 25 sole source and savings of as much as $25 or more per roll compared to Variquest® dealer prices.  We also offer service and repair on older and newer poster printer models.

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Variquest® Perfecta™ 2400 Full Color Poster Design System

Supplies & Paper Rolls

PF2400[1]The Variquest® Perfecta™ 2400  Full Color Design System is an HP inkjet printer (all they do is put their sticker on it).  Get discounted pricing on ink & paper rolls for your 2400 including a selection of media not offered by Variquest®.  We can also save you money on ink refills.  Compare prices, you’ll be very happy you did. 

Considering a Color Poster Maker? Consider the Education Pro Color Poster Maker from Epson.  It blows the competition away.





Variquest® Cold Laminator 2510 Cold Laminate Refills

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The Variquest® 2510 cold laminator is the Xyron 2500 cold laminator however if you bought the 2510, unfortunately you bought a proprietary machine.  In typical fashion of Varitronics, the slots where you slide your laminate rolls into are narrower requiring proprietary end caps to operate.  That means if you already own this machine or considering buying it, you’re overpaying for your supplies even though it’s the exact same laminate, just different end caps.  The laminate used in the Xyron 2500 – the same machine & laminate rolls – won’t work with the 2510. Yet they’re cheaper by as much as $50 per set of laminate.  If you have a choice, don’t buy the 2510, buy the 2500.

The good news, we can still help.  Our laminate refills for your 2510 cold laminator will save you at least $30 per laminate set compared to what you’re currently paying from your supplier.  Plus, get bigger savings on quantity purchases and a selection of laminate choices not available from Variquest such as double-sided, single sided, singled laminate with adhesive backs and adhesive backs only.  Select the link above and start saving!

Considering a 25″ cold laminator?  Save with the Xyron 2500 Cold Laminator.