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Looking for a one-stop shop for your poster maker machine and supplies? You have landed in the right place! Along with providing full-color poster makers and laminators, we also carry all of the refills and display products to ensure the best, most professional-looking results, at the most competitive price point. Bright White Paper Co. is not just the name of the industry, we thrive in making dreams come true and helping spark the imaginations & education of our younger generation. Our company is family-based, we welcome customers from all corners of the beautiful United States and love hearing how our customers utilize our products in new & unique ways! We are here at your service if you have any problem operating our machines because we believe in making lives easier!

Our inventory includes:

  • Xyron brand Cold laminators in 3 sizes, along with a variety of laminate refill types.
  • Our line of Education Pro Color Poster Makers by EPSON®, all available ink cartridges, And a wide selection of roll media to print specialized projects beyond just posters.
  • Epson and PlusTek Scanners.
  • Lightweight display options including Easyboards & EasyFrames, Snap Frames & supporting products.
  • Various types of ink refill cartridges, inkjet roll material, and numerous other accessories.
  • Compatible refills for Varitronics® ProFinish and VariQuest® 2510 cold laminators.

Education Pro Color Poster Makers

With our Education Pro Color Poster Makers and supplies, we help make your imagination & skills come to life! Offering poster makers in sizes 24″, 36″ & 44″, there is sure to be the right choice for your budget! All of our color poster makers are offered as a full package with everything you need to begin making beautiful posters, banners, & visual supports from the day of delivery! We now carry the all-new Education Pro ELITE Poster Maker, The Education Pro DELUXE Poster Maker, and the Education Pro LITE Poster Maker. The Education Pro ELITE is the completely upgraded version of The Education Pro Color Poster Maker (original). We will continue to carry all of the refills, consumables, & media rolls for the original Education Pro.

The Education Pro ELITE Poster Makers are full-color poster makers capable of simple anchor charts, all the way to fine-detail canvas photos! It prints on the widest selection of roll media to provide limitless options for print projects. You will be able to make yard signs, retractable banners, simple directional signage, reference charts, vinyl banners, and products for school events & fundraising, to name just a few! As much as it is able to accomplish, it remains easy to operate & is backed by EPSON’s strong reputation. The ELITE is by far the most requested & popular choice in our line. Students are attracted to cheerful, bright colors, and easy-to-see images. The need for stimulating visual supports is stronger than ever. The Education Pro ELITE Poster Maker is the best tool to do just that! Schools are the foundation of learning for children, help make their childhood shine brighter with Bright White!

Various sizes of Easyboards™ and EasyFrames™

Provide you with the choice of which size would be most suitable for the display of your signage. An extensive range of Easyboards™ for display and presentation is available. EasyBoards have a rigid back and make a great way to quickly display a simple print or poster whether it is mounted on a wall or placed on an easel. These are handmade and trademarked by our company. We also offer custom EasyBoards which many schools and businesses choose to put their personalized logo and information on. EasyFrames™ are adhesive-backed magnetic frames – Simple and fast display frames that adhere to windows, doors, walls, and more.

Our EasySnap product line takes it a step further with a wider range of options, finished in modern, matte silver style edges. Lockable display cases, podium-style stands, and EasySnap Frames for sizes up to 24×36” posters are all wonderful ways to put the finishing touches on your visual signage projects!

Xyron Cold Laminators

provide an eco-friendly and easy-to-operate solution to the problems faced with hot laminators. Teachers and school staff will benefit from time-savings due to the nature of cold lamination and not needing to wait for it to heat up (and stink up). When you are ready to laminate, so is the Xyron Cold Laminator machine! It’s that simple! Just hand-crank and go! Not only does laminating posters and printed activities help to ensure the ability to reuse, but it also produces a finished, protected product that surpasses paper prints. Our customers love that they can cut laminated projects without the worry of the paper fraying apart. We proudly carry a range of cold laminate refill choices as well. The most popular choice is the double-sided laminate, but we also offer laminate with adhesive and more! Our cold laminator series (Xyron 1250/1255, Xyron 2500, Xyron 4400) provides an economical solution to budgets of all sizes.

Thermal Poster Printer Papers

Supplying schools and businesses with a wide variety of different colors of thermal poster printer papers over the last 20+ years has helped increase the visual aesthetic of what was previously limited to black-on-white, or blue-on-white print jobs. With Bright White Paper’s manufactured color thermal papers, the posters you create with your thermal poster maker will be more visually pleasing and grab attention in offices, classrooms & hallways. The never-ending demand for thermal paper rolls in schools, offices, and other workplaces has increased the number of suppliers in the market.

Mission Statement:

Housing an extensive range of products designed for on-demand signage and visual displays, we are a one-stop supplier of thermal poster papers, poster makers, poster maker supplies, and cold laminators. We make it our mission to keep prices low, and quality high. We strive to provide pocket-friendly and energy-efficient products.