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printables throughout the year! We love creating new items for you and welcome feedback on new ideas for posters/banners that you would like to see us provide! We will be adding new subject-specific anchor charts and new classroom posters. Stay tuned!  It’s just one of the many ways we invite you to
your spaces. Click above for your free PDF printable posters or create your own with CANVA where you can customize them to your own school & curriculum (psst…educators are offered CANVA accounts for FREE)! Why pay a subscription fee when you can easily create your OWN posters, banners, and more? Use your color poster maker machine to print these & hang around campus to add positive messages & a welcoming environment for students and teachers to return! Keep them longer by running them through your laminator machine! We will continue to create & share FREE printables throughout the year. Printables will range in grade levels, as well as subject matter. We wanted to give you a positive way to welcome students back to school to start the year off right & BRIGHT!! We wish you all a very bright, healthy, & happy new school year! ~Your Friends at Bright White Paper Co.~