All About Cricut for Schools®


Introducing… Cricut for Schools®!


Have you always wanted a robust, but easy to use cutter machine at your school? Do you, or a teacher you know, already use & LOVE a personally owned Cricut®? GUESS WHAT! Cricut® heard you and now offers schools wonderful options of complete bundles that include the cutting machines, as well as all the supplies required to create a multitude of amazing, educational items for the whole school year! Now school funding, purchase orders, grants, PTA funds and more can easily be put towards these new, exclusive to SCHOOLS packages! We hope you are as excited as we are!

Welcome to Cricut for Schools® from Bright White Paper Company! We can’t wait to see what you create!! Your school will get more interesting, engaging, & inspiring with this all-new line! We are SO proud to offer you this new choice!

Who would use Cricut for Schools® smart cutting machines? Classroom teachers, media specialists/librarians, PTO/PTA, fundraising supporters, Maker Space educators, club sponsors, coaches…anyone who is interested in making their learning environment more organized and exciting! No need to learn a new cutter machine, we know you have lots of creative educators right on your own campus that are already using one! More than 90% of educators who use a Cricut® for school purposes are currently using their personal machine and materials. Now you can design & personalize almost anything, right at school!

It is the world’s number one brand of smart cutting machines! This includes die-cutting machines, heat presses, and related materials. Studies show a direct correlation between an inspiring environment and mastering of the content.

How can a Cricut® be used for school?

Classroom Teachers: Cricut® cutters have been a favorite among K12 classroom teachers for years, now all grade level educators are excited to create inspiring learning spaces & lessons, promote creative expression and hands-on learning, and enhance classroom projects. Produce labels and a variety of classroom organization management items to keep students on track and each instructional day running smoothly. Incorporate multimodal learning! Visual, kinesthetic, tactile…Cricut for Schools® enables educators to design and personalize almost anything – curriculum-specific activity manipulatives, different tactile materials, bulletin board lettering & decor, classroom organization, unique apparel, spirit events, and so much more!

Media Center/Libraries:  Easily label bookshelves, return carts, special activities centers, cutting large quantities for library lessons, cards, bookmarks, and other inspirational projects to promote the love of reading and how to navigate the media center.

Maker Space Educators/STEM Labs: Produce maker space crafts and STEM projects through creation of accurate patterns & precise engineering cuts, cut a wide range of materials- plastic, aluminum, Balsawood and MORE! Promote student designs, step by step instructions & utilize group collaboration from idea conception to physical production! Practice with 3-demensioal projects and bring complex concepts to student’s fingertips!

Club Sponsors & Coaches: Create personalized AWARDS and certificates, apparel & school spirit items, support all school clubs and sports on campus!

Fundraising & PTA/PTO Supporters: Personalize faculty & staff gifts and recognitions, decorate for school events such as dances, graduation ceremonies, holidays and more. Create fundraising items that students actively engage in making for the school store or for community sales. Here is an example idea:

-Student Business Development Practice-

  • Develop a product idea
  • Design the product
  • Make the product
  • Market the product
  • Sell the product

About their design software:

Cricut Design Space’ -Easy to use, FREE software is included! Over 1,000 customizable, ready to make projects, includes access to a multitude of images, fonts and more! Upload your OWN designs or use the Cricut® library. No experience is needed!

Easy to use, FREE app for your mobile device. Works with Apple, Android, IOS, & Windows.

Two-year FREE warranty!

There is a plethora of ideas and uses on Cricut® website and social media outlets. Cricut for Schools® is supporting educators all across the world. There is no need to purchase additional subscriptions to get started! Should you find the need for more than what is included in the free software, you always have the option to upgrade to

Keep in mind…

Older style, die-cut machines are limited in their versatility. If you want simple text and image cut outs such as letters, numbers or basic images, the Cricut® can easily produce those for your bulletin boards. However, when you own a Cricut®, you now hold the creative power to make SO. MUCH. MORE! Adhesive labels, personalized classroom organization, awards, recognition items, personalized decals, full color stickers…with machines ranging in project sizes from 4.5 inches all the way up to 24 inches, it is your choice which will be the most helpful for your intended school projects.

With the Cricut Certified Educator® Program, you will become an expert at using Cricut®, earn an official Cricut Certified Educator badge, network with other Cricut Certified Educators and share all your favorite tips and tricks & help your school become a Cricut Campus.

With all this information, it is easy to see why Cricut for Schools® is a clear choice! Now, instead of individual educators using their own machines and materials, schools are able to purchase larger quantities for bigger projects, while using school purchase orders, grants, funds from PTO/PTA or fundraisers.

Introduction to the best school option:

Cricut™ Campus Bundle

The ULTIMATE Cricut bundle for educators! Create over 300+ projects with ONE bundle that includes ALL OF THE ITEMS LISTED BELOW:

ONECricut Venture Educator Makerspace School Bundle – Inspire learning, promote creative expression, and build community at your school with Cricut®. Media Center & Makerspace Educators, Club Sponsors & Coaches, and Fundraising & PTO Organizers can benefit from Cricut’s most power design and make cutting machines that works at commercial speed. Make large media center and makerspace projects or teach STEM projects and skills up to 75ft. long. Clubs Sponsors & Coaches, and Fundraising & PTO Organizers can make repeated cuts for school-design items in batches for any special event. (1) Cricut Venture with Stand + Materials – The Cricut Venture is the most powerful design and make cutting machine that cuts and writes at commercial speed. The 45-degree space-saving design of the machine adds to any makerspace to create accurate patterns and precise cuts, cut a wide range of 100+ materials and promote design and collaboration. The Cricut Venture bundle comes with a docking stand that can be easily rolled and stored in any location or storage. Teach STEM projects and skills like design, software, cutting and fabrication in any media centers and makerspaces with the Cricut Venture.

TWOCricut Joy Educator Label Making Bundle – Inspire learning, promote creative expression, and build community at your school with Cricut®. A classroom bundle for K12 Classroom Teachers featuring Cricut’s most compact cutting machine with label-making materials. (1) Cricut Joy + Materials – The Cricut Joy is the perfect companion for K12 classroom educators. This bundle includes one compact-sized Cricut Joy machine along with additional label-making materials that let teachers create inspirational learning spaces, promote a sense of student belonging, and produce memorable & effective learning aides.

ONECricut Maker 3 Educator Bundle – Media Center & Makerspace Educators can create accurate patterns & precise cuts, cut a wide range of materials and promote design instruction & collaboration with the Cricut Maker 3 Educator Bundle. (1) Cricut Maker 3 + Tools & Accessories – The Cricut Maker 3 writes, draws, scores, and cuts over 300 different project-making materials. Bundled with additional tools and accessories, this workhorse machine is the ideal solution for makerspaces and other community-accessible areas such as libraries, faculty lounges, and administrative offices.

ONECricut Autopress Educator Bundle – Inspire learning, promote creative expression, and build community at your school with Cricut®. Personalizing fabrics such as t-shirts, hoodies, tote-bags, and more to promote school spirit, create fundraising items or make custom gifts. (1) Cricut Autopress + Iron-On Materials. The Cricut Autopress is the perfect pro-grade heat press for school use. With its zero-effort operation and its school-friendly safety features, the Cricut Autopress is the ideal tool for personalizing fabrics such as t-shirts, hoodies, tote-bags, and more! The Cricut Campus bundle includes the Cricut Autopress plus additional Cricut® Iron-on Materials.

ONEMug Press Bundle – Inspire learning, promote creative expression, and build community at your school with Cricut®. The Cricut Mug Press Bundle for Schools include all the mug blanks and materials needed to add custom school designs. (1) Cricut Mug Press + Infusible Ink Materials – Everyone loves coffee mugs! With the Cricut Mug Press, your school community can make vibrant professional-quality, dishwasher safe mugs. With no manual temperature or pressure settings, it’s safe and fun to add your school’s name, logo, mascot, or other personal expressions to create mugs that everyone will cherish.


Wohoo!! Let’s get CREATIVE & INSPIRE our students!! With so many creative educators across the U.S., we know this will expand their classroom and campus vision for years to come. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!