Carrying Cases – Soft Sided Leatherette


Presentation board carrying cases are designed to protect and transport exhibits & display materials, attorney presentations, meeting signs, art work & more.  All our Carrying Cases are hand-made here in the U.S.


Our recommendations for carrying cases below are based on our Easyboard Display Board sizes but feel free to use them for any type displays boards or exhibit materials you may have – such as art materials, attorney or courtroom exhibits & more.


Carrying Cases come in 3 sizes:  

  • 27″  X  34″  X  3″
  • 34″  X  43″  X  4″
  • 40″  X  52″  X  4″


Our carrying cases are extremely durable and offer the following: Reinforced X Stitch, Foldable, Expandable, Leatherette Material and Double Zippered. The inside is a soft cloth material which helps resist scratching display boards.


Most carrying cases fit approximately seven (7) to eight (8) Easyboards comfortably depending on single boards or double-sided boards and comes with a reinforced handle / shoulder strap.


Please Note: We apologize but due to some customers purchasing and returning used cases, none of our carrying cases are returnable.  If you have purchased the wrong size case we will gladly exchange it for the correct size.



Presentation Board Carrying Cases

Will Fit Easyboard Sizes
Carrying Bag Size
Carrying Case Pricing
Up to 23″ x 31″ Easyboards
27″ X 34″ X 3″
Up to 29″ x 38″ Easyboards
34″ X 43″ X 4″
Up to 36″ x 48″ Easyboards
40″ X 52″ X 4″