Poster Printer Repair Services

Repair & Service for VariQuest® Poster Maker 3600, Varitronics® ProImage®, ProImage® Plus and ProImage® XL Poster Printers, Fujifilm® Plus 3000 and XL 3000 models

Does Your Varitronics®, (Chart Printer), Fujifilm® 3000 Poster Printer or VariQuest® Poster Maker 3600 need repair or service?  

Don’t let other dealers tell you there are no more parts & you have to upgrade – we support older & newer models!  We offer maintenance and support no matter where you are located.  See why schools & businesses across the country depend on us to fix their Varitronics® and Fujifilm 3000 poster printers.

  • Print Head problems – horizontal lines or voids
  • Blurry Images
  • Paper not rolling out or printing on top of itself.
  • CIS Error, Shuttle Error, etc.
  • Do you have questions about your printer?
  • Replacement End Caps/Generic End Caps for the VariQuest® Poster Maker 3600
  • VariQuest® Poster Maker 3600 questions


In many cases, your Poster Printer may need simple maintenance or lubrication.  We have been offering repair and service to our poster paper customers for years.  We have plenty of parts and sell refurbished printer printers to customers around the world.


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Please Note, for service or support, you must be a current customer of the Bright White Paper Co or interested in becoming a customer.  There are no exceptions.


If you have a problem with your printer, call us at 800-321-5716.  We can usually diagnose problems right over the phone and sometimes even explain how to fix it yourself.*  Or, if need be, offer repair services.   And if the problems are too severe or aren’t worth fixing, we’ll be honest and let you know.  We offer exceptional service throughout the US. Feel free to call us at 800-321-5716 with questions anytime.


Bright White Paper Co is not affiliated with Varitronics® or VariQuest®.