The VariQuest Cold Laminator 2510 is a cold lamination machine that aids schools and districts in saving time, space, and resources, all while ensuring the preservation of materials for future use.

Are you facing trouble finding Varitronics® 24″ and 25″ wide ProFinish® Cold Laminate Refill Roll sets? We have got your back!

BWP’s Cold Laminate is compatible with Varitronics® ProFinish and VariQuest® 2510 Cold Laminators.

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Double-sided lamination for better protection.

The Cold Laminate Set consists of 2 rolls-top and bottom. It provides double-sided lamination to the document.

Applications of cold laminate rolls

  1. Conserve and safeguard banners, documents, posters, cutouts, and other materials to ensure their longevity for years.
  2. Cold lamination does not require heat or electricity for processing. Ensuring the safety of laminating by eliminating the need for heat and fumes.
  3. Laminated posters are suitable for utilization in teamwork activities with dry-erase markers.

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