Valentine’s Day FREE Printables for your color poster maker (Education Pro) & Activity Idea with writing prompts

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KINDNESS 24x36in.

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Happy Valentine’s Day 18x24in.

There’s more than just romantic love to celebrate…

Students sometimes become uncomfortable with Valentine’s Day traditions. Let’s help remind them that there are LOTS of different types of ‘love’ and one of the best ways to show that we care is simply through demonstrations of kindness. Print your free ‘Kindness is Like Confetti’ poster on your Education Pro color poster maker or thermal poster printer, for a fun, daily reminder. Valentine’s Day can also be a day that they show appreciation for anyone important in their lives. It could be for a friend, their parents, a favorite teacher, a bus driver, a great neighbor…anyone who makes their day better, would be a wonderful person to remind that they are valued. Instead of Valentine cards, they could write a quick note with the following prompts.
I appreciate you… My favorite thing about you is… I like that you… I think you are cool because… You make me feel special when you… I was impressed when you… You made my day when… I try to be like you by… Your best characteristic is… It made me laugh when… I felt understood when… You are a good friend when…
Help spread love & kindness, this Valentine’s Day & every day.