Why pay for design templates, when you can get them for FREE?!

At Bright White, we love saving you time and money! We have great news! Did you know that CANVA offers FREE Pro memberships to educators? If you aren’t in the education space, you are still qualified to receive their base membership for FREE! If you want to upgrade to Pro, it is extremely affordable!

While some companies selling poster maker machines are charging hundreds of dollars for a monthly subscription for their templates, we are simply providing you with additional resources that we have found useful. CANVA is a graphic design platform that easily incorporates a wide array of images, premade templates, and multiple features to assist you in designing either print or online communication. The best part is that it is incredibly user-friendly! You can use their pre-made templates or design your very own from scratch! They have a multitude of options from posters, banners, and even social media style posts. It is a fantastic way for schools or businesses to quickly design professional images without having to rely on a graphic designer. They really take the guess work out of design formatting since they provide standard size parameters when you select a specific design (i.e., a poster vs. a Facebook post).

We will continue to send our customers poster, banner, yard sign etc. designs that we create at Bright White Paper Company to take some of the work off your shoulders. If you already own The ‘Education Pro Color Poster Maker by EPSON’, CANVA is a great way to easily create new and exciting signage right away! Remember, with the Ed Pro, you are not locked into any specific design program to use the poster maker. Use what you prefer!

We were founded on the principle of ‘why pay more?’ and continue to strive to assist our customers with a wide variety of ways they can save the bright way!

CLICK HERE to read about EPSON & CANVA working together!