Introducing Epson SureColor T-Series MultiFunction Printers 

A serious, professional quality printer as easy to use as the inkjet printer that sits on your desk.

Do more, for a lot less!



retractable banner stands

outdoor banners

yards signs & more



Available in

24″ Epson SureColor T-3270

36″ Epson SureColor T-5270

44″ Epson SureColor T-7270


There are lots of wide format color poster printers on the market from HP, Canon, etc. but we know you’ll love operating the New Epson SureColor T-Series Printers. Not only is this poster maker easy to operate, but it is incredibly fast, provides high quality prints and does it ofr a super low price.  These poster makers come packed with everything you need  for one low price – stand, ink, software, even free shipping to your door.  There is no need to add anything else.  And its designed to be super conservative on ink helping to reduce your overall operating costs compared to other brand wide format printers or plotters. Epson’s reputation for quality is a step above most other education color poster makers. The SureColor T-Series printers are professional printers – not home office or low-end systems some dealers try to pass off.  The T-Series is designed to print and will do most likely more than what your business may ever need – but it is so easy to use.


Fast, Precise & Easy-To-Use Reliable Printers

Create your own, posters, banners, signage & displays, yard signs, outdoor vinyl banners, retractable banner stands and much more.  Fast, extremely easy and tremendous quality.  Bright White Paper Co also offers add-on products that will help you do much more than just the basics – with our Easyboards, reusable display boards & presentation holders.  Change out posters and signs in seconds without lamination or mounting.  Easyboard A-Frames,  allows you to display your messages indoors or out fast and easy with the Easyboard you already own.  EasyFrames, fast and simple adhesive frames.  No more taping or laminating.  Simply adhere to windows doors or walls and change messages with just pieces of paper in seconds.  


Here are some benefits and advantages over other wide format printers

  • Easy, Easy, Easy – and we mean easy to use!
  • The SureColor T-Series printers use only Pigmented Inks which are all waterproof.  That means everything you print regardless of the media you use, can go outside without lamination and fear of the ink running. 
  • Print on Vinyl, Canvas even poster board.  The list of media you can use is huge and varied!  Outdoor vinyl banners, can vas portraits, retractable banner stands and much more.
  • The T series uses only 5 ink cartridges rather than 6 like Canon printers so it is less costly to fill.  And, the Epson SureColor printers have 3 different size cartridges to choose from – 110 ML, 350 ML and 700 ML.  The bigger the cartridge, the less your ink costs. Mix and match sizes.
  • This is Epson’s latest technology with this series of printer and is designed to be conservative on ink which helps to reduce your overall operating costs.
  • All your software comes with our base package 
  • Fastest printer in its class.  The Epson SureColor T-Series printers print  right & left so they are much faster than printers that pass in just one direction.
  • Permanent Print Heads.  You’ll never have to replace this printer’s print heads and that can save you as much as $200 – to over $500 per head from other printers like HP and Canon.
  • Incredible support and on site warranties


Choose between 3 size printers –all size printers can print on smaller rolls, individual sheets and poster board

Epson SureColor T series 3270 24″ wide



Epson SureColor T series 5270 36″ wide


Epson SureColor T series 7270 44″ wide


For more information on Epson’s SureColor T- Series printers AKA Education Pro Color Poster Maker, please call us at 800-321-5716 or send an email.  Or watch our video demo below