A Xyron cold laminator is extremely easy to operate.  With a cold laminator you can laminate just about any item including heat sensitive direct thermal paper.
Xyron cold laminators are green tools and their benefits over hot laminators include:

no electricity
no heat
no warm up
no maintenance – gear driven
no waste
no odor
no wrinkling

These laminators are great tools for many reasons and offer a number different films and adhesives.  Customers can choose between double side laminate, single sided laminate only, single sided laminate with adhesive backs and adhesives only, not to mention high tack and re positionable adhesives. Perfect for graphic artists because  adhesives can be applied without spray glues and noxious fumes.

Xyron cold lamination systems are great education laminators.  Because there is no electricity or heat, kids can use these machines without fear of being burned.  Small or unusual size items like circles, squares, triangles can all be laminated with less laminate or mess and trimmed to the edges without concern of peeling apart.  And because they are gear driven rather than by an electric motor, they rarely break down.  Best of all, because there is no heat, the Xyron doesn’t need to warm up – it’s ready to laminate whenever you need it

Simply slide an original onto the tray and butt up to the laminate, turn the handle as fast or as slow as you want, and trim.  No smell, no mess, no waiting and no waste!

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