Xyron 1255 laminator

Xyron 1255 Cold Laminator is an exceptional laminating machine that is simple and easy to use when it comes to getting your lamination done quickly. Since it does not require the use of electric power, it is a green tool and an economically effective option. It is easily operated just by simply rotating the handle clockwise until the laminated object is obtained on the other side of the machine. When professional-level work at school or any other setting is required for the lamination or adhesion of documents, the Xyron 1255 is exceptional!


Xyron 1255, 12″ wide cold lamination system.


  • Environment friendly: The laminator is environmentally friendly because it does not involve use of electricity. Moreover, there is no emission of heat in this process giving the laminator its name i.e. cold laminator. Furthermore, the process is completely odorless.
  • Easily operable: The Xyron laminator is a children-friendly device. Once trained, children can operate it on their own in school. This will help to save time and students will be able to complete the projects on their own.
  • Low maintenance required: Besides being easy to handle equipment, Xyron 1255 is a long-lasting cold laminator that requires very little maintenance. There are no heating elements to replace and few consumable parts. You need to keep it dust-free and change the rolls when needed.

How it Works:

A guidebook is provided with the Xyron 1255 to understand the operation. The guidebook contains step-by-step guidelines with illustrations. This will allow even a layman to operate the laminator effectively.

Place the machine on a hard surface like a table. Assemble the parts as mentioned in the guidebook and insert the refill cartridge.

  1. Insert the feed table in front of the machine. Place the item to laminate in the machine and rotate the handle clockwise until the paper comes out laminated.
  2. Slide the built-in razor blade along the paper. Cut around the edges of the paper with scissors and get clean, hustle-free, laminated papers.
  3. For papers or posters with adhesive filming behind, gently remove the adhesive backing and get a very strong permanent sticker.

Types of Lamination:

The cartridge refills determine what type of lamination or adhesion is required. For this purpose, there are six different types of refills available in the market to define the way Xyron cold laminator 1255 can serve you:

  1. Double-sided laminate. (The most popular and common) SKU DL1251
  2. Permanent high tack adhesive only. SKU AT1251
  3. One side laminates with permanent adhesive back. SKU LAT1251
  4. Laminate front with repositionable adhesive back. SKU LAT1256
  5. Positionable adhesive only. SKU AT1256
  6. One side is matt and the other side is gloss lamination. NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Each finish will meet different needs. Moreover, the process takes place in just a few minutes saving you a great deal of time. The result will speak for itself about how clean and green the whole process is.

For older model 1250 owners, the supplies available for 1255 can also be used with the Xyron 1250.

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 18 × 15 in

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