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Bright White Paper ™ is recognized in the industry for products dedicated to helping schools, businesses, and organizations self-print and display economical on-demand signages!

Bright White Paper’s Education Pro Color Poster Maker by Epson, alongside our Xyron’s Cold Laminators, complemented by our Easy-boards or Easy-Frame, is the best arrangement to continuously print, laminate, create, and fixate signages in schools, businesses, and organizations, for a fraction of the cost and time it would take to use a printing company or our competitors.

Need Poster Paper for VariQuest, ProImage, or FujiFilm poster printers?

We have got the largest selection of colors! 

Need discounted, supplies to create Posters, Signage and, Stickers?

We are consistently 40% less expensive than other educational suppliers! 

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Our laminate sets are 300” long! Compared to Scotch’s Dual-sided laminate refills that are 250” long.

Save more, with an extra 50” more, for less money! PRICE LIST HERE.

Check out more products HERE and gain a complete professional signage shopping experience!

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Education Pro Poster Maker By Epson

Now any school or business can afford their own full-color wide format poster maker in 24″, 36″and 44″ widths with our School Poster Maker from Epson.”

Super easy to use, inexpensive to operate & priced less than the competition!

Invest in Epson’s latest technology, a professional school poster maker that’s incredibly easy to use and inexpensive to operate.   In just about an hour after opening the box, you’ll be printing beautiful full-color posters and banners for a fraction of what you were paying at Kinko’s or Staples.  Easy to operate?  This printer is no different from what’s sits on your desk right now. Print-on-demand, in-house!

Education Pro Color Poster Maker by Epson

Tight Budget – No problem! 

Our base packages come with everything you need to operate your printer – printer, rolling stand, 5 full ink cartridges, all your software including a 28,000 template design software, scan to print software, and an accounting program that breaks the cost down of every print job, a roll of paper, printer cable, one-year on-site warranty, and free shipping.


Xyron' s 2500 Cold Laminator

Educators and School Administrators order a Xyron XM2500 from us and receive the “Education Discount” plus


Choosing the best laminator for educators and organizations is increasingly becoming a daunting task. Bright White Paper’s suggested solution for the best laminator to use is the Xyron’s XM2500 laminator!

The Xyron’s XM2500 laminator is a green tool and has many benefits over hot laminators. The Xyron’s XM2500 is an economical and easy to use document finishing system. It prevents wrinkling and waste, it has no odor, and requires no electricity, heat, or warm-up while operating, and no maintenance! Laminated signage can help prevent the spread of germs and viruses, and can be cleaned frequently.

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Professional Printers!

Epson’s large format printing technology enables you to brilliantly visualize your ideas and make your mark on the world.

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