How can a color poster maker machine improve your school? Make your school #1!

The Education Pro Elite by EPSON.
Our favorite color poster maker machine!

How can a color poster maker machine can improve your school? 

In today’s fast-paced educational environment, using a color poster printer for school resources is a game-changer. Not only does it bring a splash of vibrancy to teaching materials, but it also makes learning more engaging for students. Research shows that color can enhance memory retention and comprehension, making those complex concepts easier for students to grasp. Imagine the smiles on your students’ faces when they see colorful diagrams, charts, and illustrations that make learning a joy. It’s a small investment that yields significant returns by creating an inspiring and dynamic classroom atmosphere.

Our Education Pro ELITE Poster Maker is designed to save you time and money while delivering top-notch quality. While many school color poster makers are able to print posters, The Education Pro takes it so much further than just posters! Say goodbye to the tedious task of hand-writing reference posters or spending a fortune on professionally printed materials. With our easy-to-use poster makers, you can create high-quality, eye-catching resources right on your campus! Whether it’s for visual aids, project displays, or fun activities, our printers ensure that every document looks professional and appealing. Plus, with our cost-efficient ink solutions, you won’t have to worry about breaking the budget.

Imagine the uses school-wide, from vinyl banners, enlarged photo & canvas portraits, quick yard signs for directions for special events, congratulatory signs for graduation, spelling bees, sports…etc. Imagine an art teacher being able to reproduce and enlarge student artwork to display on campus or turn into a fundraising project for parents to purchase. Brighten halls and walls with vivid and inspiring decor in the form of wall and floor decals! Decorate like a professional for on-campus plays and musicals by accessing high resolution files to print and use for scenes on stage. Impress your sports teams with life-size images of players and increase school spirit with full color printed signs for the big game! Why not use your school poster maker machine to create huge coloring pages for the younger students to work together to complete? Have someone special that you want to congratulate, thank, or simply make feel special? Why not use our free template of an over-sized greeting card idea & personalize one of your very own?

Worksheets become more engaging when they are printed poster-size and filled in together. Full color anchor charts are more useful when they are easy to read with wonderful graphics. You can even create a wonderful maker space to teach students how to use graphic design and the process of taking an idea from start to a printed completion of items to be used at school, home, or the community. The Education Pro Elite school color poster maker is capable of ALL of this and so much more! Once your professional and creative minds come together, there is no end to the multitude of uses for a color poster maker machine on your school campus!

We understand that teachers have a lot on their plates, so our goal is to make your job easier and more enjoyable. By integrating color posters and banners into your resource toolkit, you can focus more on teaching and less on logistics. Let us help you transform your classroom into a vibrant learning hub where creativity and knowledge thrive. With our reliable color poster makers, the possibilities are endless, and the results are nothing short of magical! We are always more than happy to discuss ideas, answer questions and to help walk you through the process of purchasing a color poster maker machine. Once you decide to include the Education Pro color poster maker to your campus, we will gladly assist in the transition from an older style printer to the new color poster maker machine and teach you all of the wonderful ways you will be able to use your new creative school tool!!


We did a special blog post about ESPON Print Automate, which helps make printing your design as easy as a drag & drop of your pdf! Learn more about Print Automate HERE.

This wonderful feature is exclusive to our Education Pro color poster maker machines by EPSON and not other color poster makers on the market not tied to ESPON.