Bright White Paper’s Bright Ideas on Benefits for Cold Laminating!


“Benefits of Cold Laminating”


“Now with our “Reduced Education Pricing” Educators can do more for less!”

The demands from the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the need, for clear and concise signages throughout campuses, organization, and businesses. Bright White Paper would like to help provide a solution. Laminating signs throughout campuses, businesses and organizations can help keep staff, students, and customers informed on how to practice social distancing and remain safe. Like these organizations, @Martincountyflorida, @Norlandelementary, and @Tropical.Elementaryschool, using Cold Laminated signs throughout their business. 

Choosing the best laminator for educators and organizations is increasingly becoming a daunting task. Bright White Paper’s suggested solution for the best laminator to use is the Xyron’s XM2500 laminator!

The Xyron’s XM2500 laminator is a green tool and as a result, it has many benefits over hot laminators. The Xyron’s XM2500 is an economical and easy to use document finishing system. It prevents wrinkling and waste, it has no odor, and requires no electricity, heat, or warm-up while operating, and no maintenance! Laminated signage can help prevent the spread of viruses and can be cleaned frequently.

Our latest campaign is to encourage educators and school districts to use laminated signages, as a result, to communicate with students throughout campuses on how to practice social distancing. 

 * Educators and School Administrators order a Xyron XM2500 from us and receive the “Education Discount” plus FREE SHIPPING! *

Check out how quick, easy, and fast it is to use Xyron’s XM2500 laminator on Youtube!

The Xyron’s M2500 machine and supplies are compatible with all types of computer-printed media. Including laser, inkjet, color, and thermal, in a wide range of material sizes and thickness. Continue reading for some remarkable #Brightideas from #BrightWhitePaper on utilizing the Xyron’s XM2500.

While color improves the educational experience for all students. It can be transformational, for students with learning incapacities. One huge benefit of lamination when creating content for students. Is that the Xyron’s XM2500 makes your finished materials much more durable. Regular sheets of paper and cards can tear easily, but when they are laminated, you will be able to save and re-use your materials, for future groups of kids, as a result, save time and money!

Check out these Teachers, @myclassroomrunsontargetandcoffee, @missmiddlesciene, and @lovelylearning_withms.b, on how they are using their laminating experience for DIYs and creative learning material for students in the classroom!